Anitons – The Open World Monster Collecting RPG

Anitons – The Open World Monster Collecting RPG

The itch for collecting monsters has not gone away since the release of Pokémon. A new monster collecting RPG is currently being created by 2BIGo. It is called Anitons! Skimming through gameplay and screenshots of this game made me come to one realization, that this game is gorgeous! The characters, world and monsters are all incredibly well designed and detailed.

There is a little twist to Anitons though, as the player, you do not catch Anitons in a normal capture fashion. Once defeated in battle, you release a robot that scans the fainted Aniton and DNA samples are collected from it. When enough DNA is collected you will be able to create the Aniton! We will go over more about Anitons further in this article.

Game Features

As a lifetime Pokémon fan I have dreamed and hoped for many features to be added into the game. Some of those personal requests were fulfilled but many have not. Many features that I have hoped to be added into Pokémon are coming to Anitons and I am incredibly excited for it! We will go over some of the big ones here.


Being able to build a farm/base is possible in this beautiful game. To add more depth into Anitons, you use them to grow, upgrade and perform different task on your farm! Different monsters have different skills that are useful on the farm. Electric type monsters are able to charge machines, fire types will warm your home, water types can water your crops, and so on. In order to keep your Anitons happy and working, you will be required to keep them fed.

Your farm is an important part of the game. This is where your boxed Anitons are kept and this is where you have to go to heal your fainted Anitons. The behavior and stats of the monsters will be different based on how you raise them. A negligent trainer will have lazy monsters.


Anitons will support multiplayer for anyone who wants to go on adventures with others. While in multiplayer mode you and your friends can go and battle Aniton hordes and raids. We are hoping to acquire more information on raids once the game development progresses.

Also, when playing in multiplayer mode you and your friends can spend quality time together by building a farm/base. Really make your base feel like home by customizing many different aspects of it and designing it to your liking.

Anitons & Combat System

The monsters in this game are quite similar to Pokémon. You can have 6 in your party at a time, they battle, they can faint and so on. This game stands out because when fighting monsters you control yours! You will have a 3rd person point of view of your monster and a very dynamic battle begins. Your Aniton will be able to use different skills during combat and more will be available when it evolves. The animations of the attacks look very well designed and we are excited to see all the different types available. The difficulty may rise because there may come a time when you fight dozens of different enemies at once. Keeping your Aniton in tip top shape is incredibly important!

As mentioned before, your Anitons help you on your farm but they also help you collect different types of resources to upgrade and help your farm prosper. Different Anitons will be able to help gather different resources.

Anitons have the capability to evolve. In order to do this, DNA points must be collected. DNA points can be acquired by fighting that specific species in the wild or by farming them. It is not certain that all Anitons will be ridable but when certain species evolve they will in fact be able to be ridden to make traveling easier!

The World

The Aniton world is filled with uniquely themed locations. Each location is freely accessible and they all have a different type of Aniton dominating it. There are 9 different types of Anitons so be sure to really plan out your journey to maximize your chances of acquiring and leveling up your favorite types!

Final Notes

There are a few small features in Anitons that we have not covered, such as customizations of characters and specific types of monsters. If you are interested in learning more about these features check out 2BIGo’s kickstarter page here and if this game interests you, follow that same link to back the project! This game is expected to receive a full release sometime in February 2023! It will be most likely be available on steam and different consoles. Lastly, thank you to the team behind this game for providing images and content for this article!