Early Access Indie Game – SimPocalypse

Early Access Indie Game – SimPocalypse

Spread like the plague and become a world power in a new post apocalyptic civilization simulator named SimPocalypse. Developed by Gamex Studio, this indie game puts you in charge of a settlement. Grow and establish your settlement to survive. Although you start tiny, your settlement can grow to become a global empire! SimPocalypse has already settled in the Steam Store as an early access game. Click on the link below if you’re already sold on this concept. Otherwise, keep on reading because I will discuss some features found in SimPocalypse.

Post-Apocalyptic Gameplay

As stated above Simpocalypse puts you in charge of a very tiny settlement. At first the goal is to survive the harsh new environment. You will have to explore, scavenge and piece society back together. Manage what little resources you have, and recover from problems within this new establishment. Once established, the goal is to expand into something incredible.

You will have to pave the path to recovery in this indie game. Recover the broken social, economic and military structure that keeps us in one piece in modern times. Without this, the world around you will continue to struggle instead of prosper.

Now, we all have likely played at least a few civilization styled simulators in our lives. I was curious to see how SimPocalypse differs from any old simulation game, they responded with:

There’s a lot that makes it different from most other games: – it gets rid of “time-gating”, and introduces a “play at your own pace” feature, to users, with which users can speed up game time massively (up to 10x+!). This way users can micro or macro manage their progress. It offers a deep system of interconnected mechanics, that evolve through time, whereas most incrementals just stick with a simple system and expand it towards huge numbers, but without any changes in game meta. It offers various playing paths, focused more on military, economic or diplomatic gains. It’s more polished with a ton of Quality of life functions and cleaner Ui compared to most games in the genre. The game has various meta shifts, which change how the game is played at certain stages. Procedural world with events, and different research paths you can take, offering replayability.

Manage & Grow

Keeping your citizens focused and working is important in real life but also in this game. Maintenance workers, scavengers, soldiers and more will stand by and wait for your command to help your settlement grow. You will be by their side surviving different events and together, you’ll work to create an empire. You and your citizens carve the path to prosperity by developing your skills with a research tree. The research tree will allow you to unlock new buildings, perks and skills.

There are many new leaders rising up. The route you choose to take to overcome these obstacles is completely in your hands. You can choose diplomacy or conquer the world and rule with an iron fist. Beware, your opponents won’t allow themselves to fall easily.

With all of these features, I had to ask the developers what their favorite features of Simpocalypse are and what players should keep an eye on. They responded with, “Deep managerial mechanics, replayability, and ability to play it very casually, or dive deep into optimization.” Be sure to keep an eye out for these features when you play this indie game. Once you give it a test run, let the developers know what you think of this game. It’s great that both casual and hardcore gamers can enjoy playing through this game.

Final Notes

Simulators are pretty common in the gaming world but apocalyptic simulators are less so. I asked the developers at Gamex Studio what inspired them to create this game. They responded with:

About 4 years ago we’ve identified a new emerging genre of games – “incrementals/idles/clickers”, and felt like a perfect opportunity to start developing a side project, which eventually turned into a massive one, that we’ve been supporting for over 3 years now. With that experience we wanted to move forward and explore the genre further, as it opens up developers to much bigger array of possibilities than other genres, as games are simplistic in nature (usually not visually heavy), but complex in mechanics. And we observed desires of other people in community, and what other things we wanted to explore to make a great game, and that’s how we came up with Simpocalypse.

It’s great to hear about developers who are passionate about the games they are making as well as seeing that they listen to what the community wants. Many (larger) companies in this industry seem to stray from this path. That’s why indie games like Simpocalypse are a nice treat. Once again, if you find interest in this game, follow the link above to this game’s Steam Store page and support an indie developer! Click this link to check out some more simulation games that are in development (or possibly released).