Early Access Indie Game – Traffic Chase

Early Access Indie Game – Traffic Chase

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It was Friday evening, You were tired, work week was in the past. You wanted to break away, but a boring evening was waiting for you.
You walked around the house and looked at the car in the garage. It’s an old car you used to drive to work and back. 

And you got an idea. Why not to try road racing?
But… What about cops, tickets, incidents and your car age?

You heard about road racing, when drivers align their cars and start on third beep. And they are just racing among other traffic cars avoiding incidents, followed by each other.
It didn’t sound so hard and it seemed comfortable for you and your old car!

So you decided to try. You drove to the closest highway loop for potential opponents. You knew nothing neither about other drivers nor about their cars, but found one more or less similar to yours. Seems other driver was aware of road races. He understood your gestures and started on the third beep.

Race gave you really a lot of adrenaline! No sense of time, no other thoughts. Only drive, only reactions! Pure feeling of life!
Racing… No, flying in traffic! It was the coolest thing you tried!
It was pure wildness! And a man needs to be wild sometimes to remain human!

Time after time, this activity has become commonplace, but not boring!

You have learned to distinguish the skill of drivers and car power in traffic. You found a safe time to race without cops. You even found a way to make money on races. There is always someone willing to pay for a show!

You became interested in modern powerful cars and tuning. Can it give you more adrenaline on the roads?


Soon you’ll be able to buy new cars, tune them and try them on roads! Old powerful classic or modern fast cars? No problem, just make more money on races!

Besides, you are already known on local race tracks where you can get another portion of adrenaline and money!

Want to participate in a drag race? No problem! Don’t forget to warm up the tires!

Circuit racing? Choose racers skill, pay entrance fee and race! The more skillful the racers, the more bonus you’ll get for prize places. Try slipstream, best trajectory, defense and attacks.

You can also choose a race arena with several tracks to test your car and your skills. This arena provides a Track day feature and consists of several tracks: circuit asphalt race track, drag strip, two dirt tracks. Note: you are not alone on these tracks, avoid incidents with others. You can check your tuned car performance by comparing lap times with yourself or with other racers. Will you be the first among all other participants?

Main features

  1. No “End of mission” screen, no levels
  2. Only endless roads, races and money! 
  3. Race against anyone on the road!
  4. Go to road, ask to race, overtake and take off! Or at least try 🙂
  5. Connect as many racers as you want and… race!

Latest updates (Sep/2021)

Traffic Chase – gameplay trailer
Oleg Vashenkov