Falling Torture – Indie Game in Development

Falling Torture – Indie Game in Development

Gacriva Studios is an indie game studio with a solo developer that is putting together a game with a unique concept. The game is called Falling Torture, a game where you play as a person falling forever while on fire. This game is currently under development. This indie title is expected to launch in Q2 of 2023 on PC, XBOX, Playstation, and Nintendo!

Premise & Gameplay

The premise of Falling Torture is very simple. As the character you begin your journey on a platform. Once you jump from the platform, you… *drum roll* fall. To make this game interesting, the developer included obstacles, hoops to fall through and coins that can be collected. The end goal is to land on a platform which will take you to the next level. Players beware because if you bump into an obstacle, you begin to flail and freefall. While playing I was not able to regain control after that happens. You are at the mercy of your flailing character’s direction of falling after this happens. Hopefully, your character has good aim and lands on the platform below.

Once you reach the platform, a countdown displays on the screen and you are teleported to the next level. The next level does not provide you with a platform but you begin falling immediately. There is a point system, a level counter and a display that shows you how many coins you have collected throughout your playthrough. If you do not land on the platform, you will have to restart the game. Your character will burn a different color when your game restarts.


There is a local multiplayer mode that can be played in Falling Torture. Unfortunately, I was not able to find someone to try this with me so I have no comment on it. I simply wanted to state that it is available for anyone who is interested.

Looking to the Future

I love the simplicity of this game and I really like the direction it is heading. Hopefully the developer builds on the features already available in the game. It would be great to see more detailed platforms/coins and maybe even power-ups this cursed character can use to make life a little less miserable. I am not sure this is the direction the developer wants to take the game but it would be cool to see. I love the burning animation on the character and the fluid movements of his body when he hits an obstacle.

However, there are some things that I personally would like to see changed. The fire animations are in the way when looking from a top-down position. This makes it hard to see the platforms below. It would be great if the intensity of the animations decreased when you’re looking from above your character. Also, I would enjoy the game more if the character was able to move around more as he is falling. I feel it takes a lot of work to move the character towards platforms, coins, and hoops. These are the main features I would like to see updated or changed to make the game a little bit more enjoyable (for me).

Final Notes

If you have a blast playing falling games, give Falling Torture a try. You can download a free demo on Itch.io. It is an incredibly small file and as of this writing only requires about 90 MB of space. Be sure to follow Gacriva Studio on their Youtube channel and Twitter for future updates on Falling Torture. Lastly, if you enjoy arcade styled games, check out more that are under development at IndieLodge.