Feral Flowers – A Quickfire Roguelite Indie Game

Feral Flowers – A Quickfire Roguelite Indie Game

A stress inducing indie game can be pre-ordered now! It is a game called Feral Flowers, where your purpose is to destroy pollen producing flowers. Developed by STARRIVER Studio, this indie platformer will keep you on your toes. This title allows you to dodge bullets and stomp enemies, many of which spam bullets like there is no tomorrow. Check out Feral Flowers and play the demo on itch.io. This article will provide more information about the game.

Premise & Gameplay

Each level has a certain amount of enemies. In order to continue to the next level, you must stomp on every enemy. Most will shoot bullets at you throughout the stage but they also shoot varying numbers at a time. They are mostly harmless and will only knock you back. However, a timer runs at the top of the screen and once it hits zero, a swarm of bullets will begin populating the screen. Enemies are still destroyable after the timer hits zero but it becomes increasingly more difficult to reach them. If you are hit by a bullet when the timer is at 0, you will die and must start again from level 1. Platform through the game and stomp on enemies until you reach the boss who brings new types of challenges!

You will obtain bonus time when you destroy an enemy. There is an opportunity to really rack up more time in the easy levels if you are great at platforming. Beware, because one bullet can knock you down and really set you back.

Final Notes

I managed to play Feral Flowers for a little bit and I am enjoying it so far. I know I am terrible at dodging bullets so I push myself to reach the enemy before the timer runs out. Once again, check out the demo on itch.io and consider supporting the developer by pre-ordering the title. If you have pollen related allergies, playing Feral Flowers is a good way to get back at the source of your suffering. If you love playing indie games, check out more that are released or in development at Indielodge.