Indie Game In Progress – The Spirit of the Samuari

Indie Game In Progress – The Spirit of the Samuari

The creation of the Spirit of the Samurai gained inspiration from Zdzislaw Beksinski, Ray Harryhausen and Princess Mononoke. Set in Ancient Japan, Digital Mind studio has created a metroidvania style adventure game where the main character and his kitten go head to head against the forces of evil. This article will illustrate some of the games core features and story.

Game Features

There are many features that make The Spirit of the Samurai stand out. From the information gathered it will have a smooth combat system, kill cams, non-linear exploration, player progression, deep story with quite a bit of lore, and much more.

Combat & Kill Cam

Digital Mind studio has worked hard to make the combat of this game fast paced and very smooth. The player has to be quick on their feet because the monsters all have very unique and randomized behaviors. The difficulty of the game is ramped up because of the unpredictable actions of the monsters.

Many metroidvania styled games require a player to spam a single button during battles but in The Spirit of the Samurai, the fighting builds on combos that can be linked to create a fluid motion during a struggle with enemies.

The kill cam in this game is very fascinating. When delivering the final blow to an enemy the camera will change angles and show the character finish off the opponent in a very spectacular way. This cinematic animation does not disrupt the flow of battle but it beautifully adds more depth into the game.


The Spirit of the Samurai has a large non-linear world that requires exploration. While playing through the game, puzzles will need to be solved and specific enemies will need to be eradicated to reach secret locations not normally accessible. There are currently 8 places we know of that can be explored:

  • The Forbidden Village
  • Dry Riverbed
  • The Forest
  • Underground
  • Swamp
  • Death Valley
  • Gashadokuro Cemetery
  • The Dungeons

We hope that there will be more places that will be open for exploration once the game is released.

This indie game adds a little more depth by having you play with 3 different characters, the samurai Takeshi, a kodama and a kitten. Each has different skill sets and characteristics from the other and the trio will need to work together to make it through the game.

Player Progression

While playing through this indie game, the characters will acquire special powers to help fight the forces of evil. These powers will help give an edge and make fighting off enemies much easier. A few powers that we have gotten a glimpse of is the ability to use energy balls to practically vaporize enemies and a lightning strike that does something similar.

While fighting through The Spirit of the Samurai or getting through side quests, the player will acquire experience points that can be used to help make the characters stronger. Stats such as strength, resistance and stamina will have the ability to be increased to make progression through the game possible.


In The Spirit of the Samurai you are Takeshi, a samurai, who has spent his entire life preparing for the possible return of the Oni. He has acquired the skill to speak to spirits such as Kitsune which is the Guardian of the Forest.

Many years ago Kitsune fought alongside Takeshi’s ancestors to defeat the Oni but the return of the Oni is imminent due to the increasing rage and suffering of the world. Because of the hatred in the world the Oni is becoming stronger than ever. Will Takeshi and his partners be able to stop the Oni?

Final Notes

The Spirit of the Samurai is a beautiful piece of art that has a lot of potential. If you read through this and are interested in the game be sure to check out the creator’s kickstarter and consider backing the project! This game is expected to release on steam and Atari with the possibility to be released on other platforms based on demand. The game is expected to receive a global launch in December 2021 but episodes will be playable in April, June and September. There is more information on the game there which was not discussed in the article.

Thank you to the creators for providing images and video footage for this article.