Get Ready To Battle in Fraymakers!

Get Ready To Battle in Fraymakers!

We were given Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch back in 2018, but now, there is something brewing at McLeodGaming that is expected to release in 2022. That something is Fraymakers, a platform brawler that will feature many of the internet’s most famous indie characters! Many readers may have already heard of McLeodGaming, that’s because MLG is known for Super Smash Flash 2 and now the team is back and creating Fraymakers.

Fraymakers is going to be a fully modular platform fighter. McLeodGaming is planning on releasing Fraymakers with Fraytools. Using FrayTools, individuals will be able to build their own characters, assists, stages and much more! The team behind Fraymakers are doing their best to make FrayTools as user friendly as possible. Where the limitation of the creator is simply their imagination.

This gorgeous fighting game will showcase many different fighters with complete fighter movesets. To put into perspective the detail of the characters, each one has over 80 custom animations. Also, when designing these characters, the creators of Fraymakers did their best to keep each one true to their source material. Each character will hopefully add something unique to the game.

Game Features

There are many fantastic features coming to Fraymakers but for the sake of keeping this article as easy to read as possible, we will highlight some of the most interesting features.

Rollback Netcode

Fraymakers will have a pretty solid online experience using rollback netcode. The rollback will help minimize lag and will correct player’s inputs. Excluding other limitations such as slow internet, implementing rollback netcode should provide an almost seamless online experience.


A massive collection of assists will be usable in this game. In order to use an assist, your fighter must fill its meter by damaging opponents. Once the meter is completely filled an assist can be summoned to provide a unique attack or an effect that will (hopefully) help you turn the tide of battle. There will be a incredible amount of assists that can be chosen from to perfect your battle strategy and maximize victories! Some iconic assists that will be available are:

  • Tankman (Newgrounds)
  • Fancy Pants Man (Fancy Pants)
  • Diogenes (Getting Over It)
  • Peppino (Pizza Tower)

These four are only scratching the top of the large lists of assists available and more plan to be added as the game’s development continues.


This has been stated above but it’s definitely one of the key features of the game. Fraymakers is practically the Mario Maker of the platform fighting community. They are building a custom content creator to make building characters and stages as seamless and as easy as possible. It’s possible for hundreds to thousands of different options to be available at a player’s fingertips!

This is great for both creators and players. Creators are able to really flex their character/stage building muscles and put together some fantastic fighters and wonderful arenas. On the other hand, players who are not interested in creating, still have this enormous library ready to be used whenever they please. This makes Fraymakers a thrill for anyone and everyone but also practically limitless in expansion and growth.

For Everyone

Fraymakers is designed to be fairly easy to pick up and play but like any game out there, will require time and practice to master. With all the unique characters to choose from it will be (imo) practically impossible to know what you are up against so the top of the leaderboard is up for grabs for anyone!

This game is great because it will be able to be played with friends, strangers, rivals and so on. If you’re interested in climbing that leaderboard you can, if you just want to casually spar with friends, that’s possible too! The versatility of this game seem to be endless.

Final Notes

There are definitely many other features that have not been covered in this article but the ones addressed above are probably the ones that stand out the most. If you are looking for more information on things like stages, available fighters and items be sure to check out McLeodGaming’s website here and if this game just scratches a fighting game itch be sure to back this project up on kickstarter here!

Thank you to McLeodGaming for providing images and content for this article!