Indie Game in Development – A Murmur in the Trees

Indie Game in Development – A Murmur in the Trees

It’s time to go back to a time when alcohol was illegal in the USA. That tragic time has brought us A Murmur in the Trees. Developed by Ben Wesorick, this indie game is a first person mystery, set during the prohibition era. You play as a reporter who’s in charge of investigating a vast amount of disappearances happening in a very remote community. Lonesome Falls is the name of the community. Extensive amounts of woods surround the area. The objective is definitely to find out what’s happening in town. However, more questions arise and hopefully you get answers. If you love the prohibition era, I really consider you follow the link below which takes you to A Murmur in the Tree’s Store Page. Chapter One is coming out very soon! If not, sit tight and follow along because I will discuss some of the features in this game.

Environment & Atmosphere

The first thing I picked up from seeing A Murmur in the Trees is the atmosphere. There is just something about the environment and atmosphere that draws me in. It sort of reminds me of Firewatch but with a more eerie, adrenaline inducing feeling. Being such a small town, it is given that things may seem a little odd.

Furthermore, even though the art style of this indie game is sort of simple, it looks fantastic! I feel this style is becoming incredibly popular with indie developers, and Ben is definitely doing it justice. The world in A Murmur in the Trees is vibrant and you really feel like you are far from civilization. There are moments in the game where you lurk through the night and you definitely feel the mood change. The visibility goes down, the moon hits the trees just right but you can feel something might be lurking around.


I have limited information on the gameplay of A Murmur in the Trees but the few snippets I have seen has me excited. Gun in hand you sneak around this small community searching for some clues. You also talk to the civilians in the area, trying to get some information from them. If they don’t talk, you should really follow them around to see if they’re hiding something. Creep out of sight and see what shenanigans these supposedly peaceful people are up to. Besides talking to people, discover objects and investigate this world to try and uncover the truth behind the disappearances. See the gameplay for yourself in the video down below!

murmur in the trees gameplay

Q&A with Developer

I always love asking the developers a few questions that others might have brewing in their brains. If you have questions you want answered in future articles please let me know and I will really consider adding them. The following are questions I asked the developers and the responses they provided.

What inspired you to begin developing your game?

I downloaded Unity and started watching tutorials as a way to stay productive during the COVID lockdowns in July of 2020. Somewhere along the way, the idea for A Murmur in the Trees came about. I transitioned from general Unity tutorials to the production of my game around September, but the learning has never stopped.

How does your game differ from others in the same genre?

My goal is to create a first person mystery game that manages to maintain a brighter atmosphere than most other games in the genre.

What are some of your favorite features players should look out for?

I’m designing the game so that the player feels the weight of their choices. I’m also highly prioritizing the general atmosphere/tone of the game.

Is there possibility of DLC to be added to your game in the future?

My initial release will be the first chapter in a planned 3 chapter story. Whether the final two chapters are released as each one is finish or if they are held to be published together as one release will be likely be up to the community and what the general preference appears to be.

Final Notes

If you love the prohibition era or snooping around as a reporter in the middle of nowhere, you should really consider checking out A Murmur in the Trees. Don’t forget to sneak your way over to the game’s Store page and add it to your Steam Wishlist! A Murmur in the Trees is expected to release sometime in April of 2021! Keep your eyes out because I feel this is going to be a good one! You can follow the developer on Twitter as well for future updates to this indie game. Lastly, check out Indielodge, where I am constantly releasing information on new and upcoming indie games that are being developed.