Indie Game In Development – Ancient Tree

Indie Game In Development – Ancient Tree

Ancient Tree is a 2D adventure platformer, inspired by games such as, Castlevania and The Legend of Zelda. Max Indie Game is developing this indie title. This game also has similar characteristics from the Ori series and Hollow Knight.

In Ancient Tree, a hero named Hector must save the tree from darkness and return light to the world. The game will have 7 stages that connect inside the tree world. You will need to find different secrets and discover new abilities to maneuver through this game. This article will go into some of the game’s features.

The World

The world of Ancient Tree is made from pixel art. This indie game is full of different monsters Hector will come to face. From your typical slimes to more unique turret like creatures, and more, Ancient Tree looks like it have some interesting monsters to take down.

The environment so far looks clean and very easy on the eyes. I mostly got a glimpse of a forest world with some caverns but I assume most of the other levels will be similarly themed.

Skills & Abilities

Hector will have the ability to perform different skills as players progress through the game. Some areas will only be accessible using specific skills. As stated before, it seems some of these skills may have gotten inspiration from older games. Hector will be able to double jump, slide and jump on walls and dash to avoid attacks from enemies.

Once reaching a certain part of the game, Hector will unlock a special skill that he can unleash on his enemies.

Final Notes

Ancient Tree seems to be pretty early in its development. As of this writing, Max Indie Game is developing stage one of this title. It has a long way to go but looks like it will be a fun adventure game. If interested, check out the developer’s Kickstarter page here. Lastly, don’t forget to check out for information and news on up and coming indie titles!

Author: IndieLoo