Indie Game in Development – Aveliana

Indie Game in Development – Aveliana

Follow a mysterious fox, to bring back someone you lost in Aveliana, an infiltration action adventure game. This indie game is being developed by TheFrenchDev. Aveliana takes you into a 2.5D world with an interesting take on gameplay. In this game, you can choose to fight but it’s also possible to avoid every single enemy through your playthrough.

Aveliana must find three different artifacts to reach her goal. Along the way she comes face to face with a fox that helps guide her through her journey. She learns much about herself throughout this journey. Besides the story, there are many features in Aveliana that I will discuss in this article.

Motivation for Aveliana

I know this isn’t exactly a game feature but, the developer of this indie game takes inspiration from different places. As a game developer and scientist, TheFrenchDev looks deep into the pixels and like atoms, pixels come together to create beautiful art. TheFrenchDev is creating a very simple but poetic world for players to experience with this indie game.


Every single enemy in Aveliana have a unique detection and attack pattern. It’s your job as a player to figure out how each one goes about their day. Learning an enemies’ movement will be especially important if you are trying to speed run this game. It will also be beneficial if you are trying to go through this game undetected.

This game already has three base level enemies with plenty more to come. There are seven stronger enemies currently present in the Aveliana. Lastly, TheFrenchDev has three different bosses ready to go. You’ll have to think and plan your way passed these baddies. The trailer at the end of this article will give you some insight on the enemies of this indie game.

The World & Atmosphere

The world of Aveliana is quite incredible. It has an assortment of colors that give each area an extraordinary amount of personality. There are parts of the game where the only thing you see is silhouettes all around you. There are also dark and gloomy areas as well as places with vibrantly colored forests. It’s a treat seeing this type of devotion to world creation.

Final Notes

Aveliana looks fantastic and curious players are more than welcome to try the demo on gamejolt here. Furthermore, if you see something incredible in this game, check out this game’s Kickstarter page. It really looks like it will be an exciting game once it is fully released. Lastly, take a moment to check out where I do my best to showcase some really cool indie games being developed by solo developers or small studios!

Author: IndieLoo