Indie Game in Development – Beacon Pines

Indie Game in Development – Beacon Pines

Hiding Spot Games, a small studio, has blown me away with Beacon Pines. Beacon Pines is a creepy adventure game that is currently being developed. It takes place in a story book where you are both the main character as well as the reader. The art style and music of this game really draws you in. You explore a little world that seems to have much mystery within and it’s not all jolly once you dive in. The really amazing thing that Beacon Pines has is that your words may change the fate of the world around you. However, without giving too many more spoilers, this article will discuss some of the amazing features seen in Beacon Pines


The story of this game revolves around Luka and his friend Rori. Both are young kids about to head to middle school. It’s the beginning of summer and both kids are already up to mischief, as all kids tend to do. According to Rori, a long abandoned warehouse has sparked up once again. The kids are curious and are plotting to investigate. The story of Beacon Pines unfolds from there.


While playing through the demo I noticed this game is definitely not the most intense game out there. Which is a good thing because not every game has to be. It is definitely a casual and more immersive type of game. Just like a book, the player will do some reading and there is a bit of dialogue between player, NPCs, and the environment. Hiding Spot Games definitely strives to immerse players into the game through their story telling and art.

Beacon Pines town square

Throughout the playthrough you will stumble upon many items and objects you can interact with. Certain items will give a little backstory but others will trigger and give you a charm. A charm is a word that players can use to direct the story at certain points in the game. Also, if there comes a time you used the wrong charm, you can backtrack in the story to change your fate. It is definitely a clever way to mesh a storytelling and the game itself.

Graphics & Music

If storybooks and slow paced games don’t tickle your fancy, you at least should check this game for its graphics and music. Both are incredible! They both act and feel as if you are reading and picturing a story in your head. The tone of the music is primarily calm and relaxing but changes appropriately depending on your location and events going on around you. As stated before, the graphics make you feel as if you were in a story. The attention to detail the developers are putting into their characters and environment is remarkable.

Final Notes

Although I do not have an exact release date available for you all, there is a demo that is playable on Steam right now! While you’re there, be sure to add this game onto your Steam Wishlist! It looks like it will be an incredibly fun game with plenty of twists. I cannot wait to see it through to the end. Lastly, take a look at Indielodge, where I am constantly showcasing some gorgeously crafted games by individuals and small studios!

Author: IndieLoo