Indie Game in Development – Bountiful Life

Indie Game in Development – Bountiful Life

It’s time to take over an abandoned farm and make it your own, in Bountiful Life! This game is under development by Alcinous Studios. It is a farm and life simulator blended together. Your farm resides within Jubilee Village. This indie game will focus quite a bit on maintaining an income, create relationships and discovering yourself! If this quick summary of Bountiful Life interests you, take a look at Alcinous Studio’s Kickstarter page. Otherwise, please continue to read this article because I will discuss some of this game’s features!

The World Around You

Alcinous Studios is doing what they can to create a gorgeous environment. They want the world to be vibrant and colorful for better player immersion. Bountiful Life has a gorgeous 3D environment being developed and I am thoroughly enjoying the appearance of the world. The flow of the aesthetics and the colors look incredibly natural. The attention to detail on the trees, mountains, forest understory, and buildings shows the developers are putting great care into this game.


One of the main objectives of Bountiful Life is farming. With roughly 60 different crops to choose from, you will have your hands full on the farm. Seasons and weather will change so you will need to plan out what crops are right to grow for the specific time period. Use your crops to become a homegrown chef and gift the fruits of your labor to friends and villagers around town.

Collecting and selling crops isn’t the only task available in this indie game. There are plenty of farm animals available to keep you company as you work. Bountiful Life will have four different breed of poultry available. Furthermore, you can fill your farm with other animals such as: sheep, goats and cows. The fun doesn’t stop there. If your farming skills increase, you may be able to acquire pigs and sheep to add to your collection of animals. Animals provide resources such as milk and wool for you to use or sell.

Fishing & Foraging

With plenty of fish in the sea (and rivers, ponds, etc.) it’s only natural to have plenty of fishing spots in Bountiful Life. This game will give players the opportunity to catch more than 60 different fish species. Within these 60 species there may be some incredibly rare aquatic creatures to catch. Be sure to keep your eyes open for some hard to find fishing spots.

Bountiful Life Forest

A farm simulator isn’t a farm simulator without foraging. That is why Alcinous Studios have implemented plenty of foraging in this game. There are plenty of items that can be picked up in and around Jubilee Village. Different times of the year will allow different items to be collected. Some items players can find are: honey, mushrooms and shells. You can make a quick buck from selling what you forage. Some items may be used in a recipe as well!

Mining & Crafting

Dive into the caves of Jubilee Village to find an assortment of gems and ores. Whatever you find could potentially be used to advance your tools or be donated to the observatory for research. As a forewarning, do not mine at night or dig straight down!

Use items and resources collected in Jubilee Village to craft items and/or create jewelry. Become the best crafter in the village by competing in competitions. I’m not sure what the reward is, but always strive to be the best! Furthermore, score points with the locals by gifting them your crafted items.

Customizations, Relationships & Co-op

You are free to customize your character in many different aspects. Customize your hair, body features, and clothing to make your character represent you or change it up entirely! The fashion of your village will change seasonally. Be sure to be the most hip person in town!

Furthermore, you can changeup the building on your farm. From floorboards, walls, and location, you are free to style the farm to fit you best.

Get to know the characters in Jubilee Village. Some may become your best friends but other patrons of this little village may fall in love with you. After the proposal you will get married and a family will come after! You will most likely have a larger role in raising your kids. Be sure to raise them right!

Bountiful Life was planned with co-op in mind. You can play with up four different people in this indie game. Work together on the farm, go fishing to catch something rare, and dive into the mines to collect some ore. You can work with others to make the farm a beautiful place to be. I am not sure if you’ll be able to marry friends but hopefully that feature does get included.

Q & A With Alcinous Studios

I had the pleasure of asking the developers some questions and also getting some responses back. I try to think of questions players might ask during or after the game’s development. Here is the list of our Q&A.

What inspired you to begin developing your game?

I’ve been a fan of Farming & Life Simulator games when I was just a kid. I’ve spent tons of hours playing those games, and it’s always been close to my heart. I always wanted to make my own F&L sim but after seeing Stardew Valley come to PC it solidified my desire to create my own farming game.

How does your game differ from others in the same genre?

Bountiful Life is being built from the ground up with the ability to play in co-op mode, this has never been done in any F&L sim to date. On top of that, Bountiful Life is the first in it’s genre to introduce a rich 3D stylized environment, differentiating itself from the common 2D style of farm sims. Lastly, Bountiful Life gives players the experience of playing in both third and first person mode.

What are some of your favorite features players should look out for?

Players should pay attention to the rich storytelling! Besides the standard storytelling of work and family and friends progression, we have a third storyline detailing your connection to the land. You’re progression determines the nature of the world around you!

Is there possibility of DLC to be added to your game in the future?

We will have DLC in the future!

Final Notes

If you find this game fascinating, be sure to check out the developer’s Kickstarter page. Also, give these hard working game designers a follow on Twitter! Let us know what you think of this game in the comments below and check out Indielodge for more indie game news!