Indie Game in Development – BROK the Investigator

Indie Game in Development – BROK the Investigator

It’s time to suit up for some detective work. Not as Batman, but as BROK the Investigator! Under development by COWCAT, this game has classic puzzles, action, and a lot of narrative. The puzzles and narrative are mixed into a Beat’em Up RPG. In this indie game, you are Brok, an alligator living in a world where animals have replaced man-kind. You are leading an investigation and every choice you make can change the outcome of the story. More information on the story can be found on the developer’s Kickstarter page here. I will go into some more detail on some of the features of Brok.


This action indie game is filled with all sorts of choices. The choices made by players will determine the ending of the game. Some choices will be clear as day but others may not even be noticed. Once chapter two begins, you will have the ability to switch characters between Brok and Graff. Each character has their own event they follow but their story eventually comes full circle.

BROK the Investigator goes into full beat’em up mode. Players are able to move around freely and you will be able to knock some enemies out with your fists, weapons, kicks and more! It doesn’t end there. BROK will be able to punch objects outside of fights which can help him progress through the game. Also, the difficulty of BROK the Investigator is changeable based on you action gaming skill level.

Mysteries and Puzzles

Throughout the game, BROK will have to piece clues together to solve mysteries. You will discover many clues through interrogations of suspects. You will finally have to piece together the clues to figure out the truth.

There will also be many different puzzles throughout your playthrough. COWCAT is making puzzles easier to get through if you’re not a fan of them. You will be able to use 3 “ads” per room where puzzles exist. The ad will help you get through a puzzle by telling you roughly what to do.

Fighting and Skills

Every time BROK successfully defeats an enemy, he will acquire experience points. Experience points collected will allow you to increase stats. Some of these skills will critically help BROK defeat some tough bosses he will encounter.

BROK the investigator gameplay

Final Notes

BROK the Investigator’s prologue is already available to play on steam! Check it out here! Once you take a look at the prologue, add this indie game to your steam Wishlist! This game is going to release sometime in 2021. Lastly, check out for information and news on new and upcoming indie games!