Indie Game in Development – Canyon Town

Indie Game in Development – Canyon Town

It’s time to head back in time to the Wild West in Canyon Town! It is being developed by Schmom, an indie game dev studio from Germany! In Canyon Town, you are in charge of building and growing your own town. Canyon Town does not have an exact release date but the game developer hopes to have it ready by 2022! It will be released on Google Play and but may have an appearance on Steam! If you’re interested in this concept, consider checking out this game on Kickstarter. This article will go into some details of the game.


Although Canyon Town is still under development, the aesthetics and gameplay already look enjoyable. Build your town by dragging and dropping buildings where you would like them to stand. However, building isn’t instantaneous. You do not have to be on the game for the building construction to complete. Setup your town as much as you can, and take a breather and let it build on its own. As you playthrough the game, more buildings will be available.

Furthermore, after progressing through the game, you will get to the point where you can start trading with friends and other players. Try to find the best bargain for materials you need and/or earn some sweet coin by selling resources you have!

Life in Canyon Town

Being a town simulator, Canyon Town will have some pretty common features. For example, you need to acquire currency, for that you need money launderers to collect silver, gold and diamonds. There are certain tiles within the game that have exceptionally more of these resources. Unlock/buy the cartographer to help detect these tiles. Materials such as wood will also be needed to build and upgrade buildings. Use your resources wisely and hoard what you can to later trade to other players.

Remember, this is the Wild West. There are robbers and looters on the prowl. You will need to help protect your little town with sheriff stations. Also, I assume high crime rates will negatively effect how visitors see your town. Keep looters at bay and beautify your town as much as possible to attract more visitors.

Final Notes

Western style games are always a sweet treat when done correctly. Canyon Town looks like it should be a pretty fun game and it’ll be really convenient if you’re always on the go. Check it out on Kickstarter and if you’re interested, consider supporting the developers! Also, be sure to check out Indielodge for information on more upcoming indie titles!

Author: IndieLoo