Indie Game in Development – Coral Island

Indie Game in Development – Coral Island

Historically, terrestrial environments are the go to for farm simulators. Coral Island, by Stairway Games, is taking the idea of a farm simulator and partly placing it underwater. The developers of Coral Island are trying to keep the classic farm game experience but also creating their own niche in the genre. As a person who loves fish and coral reefs, I believe this is an incredible idea for a game! This article will “dive in” and discuss some of the features that can be experienced in Coral Island.


Coral Island features an enormous amount of islanders. There are in total 50 islanders living here. Take the time to get to know them and learn a little about them. You will be able to give them gifts to grow a relationship. On top of that, 16 of the 50 islanders can be romanced. The islanders come from all walks of life. Each with different personalities and styles so it’s guaranteed you will find someone you can relate to and befriend.

Life on a Farm

Your farm starts off in pretty bad shape. It is your job to lead it in the right direction. Figure out what you want to do with your farm and go from there. There are more than 75 different items that can be planted on your farm. From carrots to watermelons to bananas and more, there is plenty of variation for your average farmer. Be mindful that certain crops are seasonal and others have specific requirements.

Coral Island Farm

No farm simulator is complete without farm animals! Just like most, if not all other farm sims, you will need a coop or barn to house some beautiful animals. Coral Island has some unique animals that can be kept such as:

  • Peafowl
  • Quail
  • Llama
  • Luwak

However, there are many others like your classic chickens, cows, pigs and even more than that. If you’re a virtual animal hoarder, this game is definitely for you. Each animal will give items if properly cared for and fed.

Save Some Coral, Explore Some Caverns

Now its time to jump into my favorite feature of Coral Island. You will have the ability to dive underwater and restore coral reefs! As the player, you can pick a spot around the island to dive. Once underwater, you are free to clean up the sea bed to make space for rare and unique fish. You will also be able to collect kelp to increase the quality of your crop and livestock. Kelp will be available for processing in Ling’s Lab.

While diving, you have the power to go deeper. This will allow players explore different and more unique parts of the ocean. There are plenty of secrets in the ocean and hopefully you can unlock them all!

Coral Island Underwater

Besides diving to save some coral reefs, players can go explore abandoned caverns. Take a break from life on the farm by mining precious gemstones instead. Upgrading your tools and farm with the loot you find deep within the caverns. Unfortunately, it won’t be a walk in the park because there are plenty of monsters lurking around every corner.

Customize Your World

Express yourself however you want in Coral Island. Change your outfits and accessories to your heart’s desire. If you want your character to look like you, have at it. However, you are open to customize your character in whatever way you would like! The point I am trying to make, is just have fun with your character build.

Your character is not the only thing you can customize on the farm. Be ready to upgrade, decorate and personalize your home! Buy furniture and collect different decorations to make your home fit your style. You will first choose 1 out of 3 starter houses, but you get to choose the direction your house grows from there.

Final Notes

There are plenty more features that I did not cover in this article. To find out more, check out the developer’s Kickstarter page. While you’re there, be sure to back the project if it interests you. This indie game looks incredible and I cannot wait to see what it’s made of. It is expected to fully release sometime in 2022. Be sure to keep your eyes open for it! Lastly, please check out Indielodge, where I do my best to showcase some incredible indie games that are currently under development.