Indie Game in Development – Cyber Rebellion VR

Indie Game in Development – Cyber Rebellion VR

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Cyber Rebellion VR is being developed by MGSStudios. This studio has been creating Mods and games for quite some time now and this game is one of their newest projects. As a disclaimer, Cyber Rebellion VR will only be playable if you own a VR headset. Regardless, from what I have seen this game is already looking fantastic!

In this VR indie game, you are a security guard keeping a watchful eye on a research center. A faction called the raiders breaks into the research facility. The game begins at this moment and your character has to already make their first choice. Either to join the faction or continue a career in law enforcement. Your decision will change the the direction the game will go. This article will go over some of the features this game has to offer.

The World of Cyber Rebellion

Although it is still under development, Cyber Rebellion’s world is already beautifully coming together. From the footage seen, this game is dark, grim but equally as vibrant. Although the environment is dark, the lights, advertisements and vehicles bring this world to life.

You will be able to visit places such as: the nightclub, strip club, slums of the city, and much more! I have not fully experienced the game but I am excited to see what awaits upon release.

Cyber Rebellion VR Robots

The only thing missing from the city from what I have seen is the populace. Regardless, once playing the game, you will be able to fight humans, robots and drones. It’s not a problem if you don’t get caught but if someone hears or sees you causing trouble, then more trouble will come your way.

Weapons, Upgrades, & Progression

There are a few things that are upgradable in Cyber Rebellion VR. You will be able to upgrade your gun, hands and eyes. Doing so will allow you to either better protect the city or cause more mayhem. You will need to complete missions to acquire currency for these upgrades.

Once you join the faction or police force. You will do your best to rank your way to the top. It’ll be a challenge to get your way to the top but the upgrades you purchase will help you get there!

Final Notes

Cyber Rebellion VR is coming to PC first but is expected to release on PSVR soon after. Check out the developer’s Kickstarter page here and consider backing this project if it interests you! Lastly, take a look at for information and news on upcoming indie titles!