Indie Game in Development – Delving On

Indie Game in Development – Delving On

Enter the world of Delving On, a new RPG that is being developed by Lost Day Games. Delving On is a game that will be full of exploration. Lost Day Games hopes to grab gamer’s attention and make them wonder what’s behind the next corner. This upcoming indie game’s story will unfold when players dig a little deeper into the world. I will discuss some of the features this game has to offer.


The story of Delving On seems to revolve around a battle between two forces. Forces that have been there since the beginning. The forces are: light and dark, angels and demons. We do our best to release ourselves from the cycle of this war and try to move on.


The characters of Delving On will require some planning and thought as they grow. Characters will become proficient with certain weaponry but will become equally inept in another. A mixture of weapon proficiency and the overall build of character traits will determine how effective the character will be. Traits such as balance, reflex and more will be in the game for players to upgrade. The developer is trying to make this game less about button mashing and more about building your character.


Elements and equipment will go hand in hand in Delving On. Elements such as holy, fire, lightning and more will be available to use in this indie game. Some enemies are untouchable and the only way to defeat them is by using the correct element.

Furthermore, certain areas of the game may be quite challenging to navigate through without the correct equipment. Finding weaponry with a unique element will be incredibly rewarding for players. Also, hold onto that old equipment because they most likely will not become obsolete as you progress.

World & Environment

The beautifully crafted world of Delving On will hopefully immerse players to want to see more and more. The developer uses a some polygon style and building on it to create vast and gorgeous environments. The environments are designed by picturing them as “characters” to give each place its own personality. Using the polygon style makes creating the world quite fast, even though Lost Day Games is developing this game alone.

Delving on Library

Final Notes

Delving On appears to be quite an exciting game. There are many things I hope to learn about this game as it continues development. If you want to follow the development of this game, back this project on Kickstarter. Also, Lost Day Games has a website for some more information. Lastly, check out Indielodge where I strive to showcase some amazing indie games that I stumble on.