Indie Game in Development – Dino Eruption

Indie Game in Development – Dino Eruption

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Martin Kucer, a solo developer, is creating a game called Dino Eruption! This indie game is made for players who own VR headsets. It will be playable on the: Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality. It is currently prepping for early access release on January 15th. Add it to your steam Wishlist here to keep an eye on it and check out the developer’s website here. Dino Eruption has many different features that will be available that we will cover in this article.

VR Experience

VR headsets are a must have for Dino Eruption. As a result, the developer is able to make this game more immersive because features do not have to be split between VR and regular gameplay. The players will have a “physical” presence in this indie game. This means, your character won’t be able to reach through walls or objects. You will also be able to push certain items and objects to overcome obstacles.

During gameplay, you may come face to face with a monster of a dino. Trying to hide will help you avoid becoming lunch for the hungry dinosaur. If you are behind cover, you will be able to crouch in the real world and your character will do the same. You will have to make as little noise as possible but these actions may help save your character’s life.

The Dinosaurs

Martin is trying to make this game as realistic and immersive as possible. Dinosaurs have behavioral patterns that will react to you and the world around them. These dinosaurs will know your last position and can call for help! Also, they will be able to adapt to the changing environment around them. For example, they will respond to obstacles in their way or may interact differently if doors are open or closed.

aquatic life in dino eruption

The animations of each dinosaur is designed to be very fluid. They will follow your movements with their eyes as well as, the body of the dinosaur will nicely turn in the direction it is headed. There are over 20 different dinosaurs and each will have unique AI and three skins.

Gameplay Experience

Dino Eruption will allow you to fight dinosaurs primarily with a bow and arrow. You will not be able to successfully go head to head with every dinosaur. Some will require stealth and planning to become victorious. Plan out your moves and use your environment to outsmart these ancient creatures.

During the playthrough, you will be able to use certain vehicles to help you get through the game. You will be able to use elevators, cranes and a moving lift to reach new places and to overcome different obstacles. Use them to your advantage to stay alive!

You will be able to interact with just about every item, dinosaur and NPC. The game will change depending on your interactions with NPCs and whether you decided to harm or kill any of them. Dino Eruption is trying to give you a lot of options for gameplay.

Final Notes

It is fascinating to see a game being created by a solo developer. Once again, check out Dino Eruption on steam here and be sure to add it to your steam Wishlist! Lastly, take a look at for information and news on new and upcoming indie titles!