Indie Game in Development – Exodus: Rising

Indie Game in Development – Exodus: Rising

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Titan Roc is developing a new story driven RPG. It is called Exodus: Rising. It is a game that looks like it will be full of action and contain quite a bit of exploration. In Exodus: Rising you’re a hired mercenary working to help a Combined Order Judge enter the depths of Barathrum Forest. However, unknown forces guide you into a city that has been abandoned for ages. Vahrin is the name of the city and many secrets lurk within its boundaries. The story of Exodus: Rising is really exciting! This article will discuss a few features in this indie game.


You will spend quite a bit of time exploring the abandoned ruins of Vahrin. Exploring will help uncover the many secrets locked away deep in the depths of this city. While exploring you will come across many abandoned treasures that can be plundered. Explore and take in the sites in this incredibly rich world.

Push your skills to the limits in the ruins and dungeons of Exodus: Rising. Because when you are exploring, many obstacles will come your way. From gnarly monsters to pits along your path, this game will keep you on your toes.

Monsters & Combat

So far I have seen four different monsters you will encounter in this game. I have seen a goblin-esque creature charging and smashing his incredible fists at a player. A swarm of zombies attacking a player in two different locations. A giant rat in what looks like a cavern. Lastly, spider/crab creatures leaping out of the ground ready to attack! So far each enemy looks very well designed and each has a unique attack pattern. I expect this game to have many more enemies available once it is fully released.

Players will have an assortment of combat styles to choose from. You can mix and match some weapons and each weapon will have their own drawbacks and perks. I have seen:

  • Bow & Arrow
  • Swords & Shield
  • Magic + Sword
  • Great Hammer
  • Magic + Bow
  • Mace
  • Great Sword

Pick which weapon works best for your gaming style and go to town on those monsters!

Customize Your Playthrough

While traveling and exploring, players will come across magic spells, skills, weapons, and an assortment of clothes. You will have to pick and choose which items work best for you. If you’re a stealth dominant player, light armor and small weapons will be perfect for you. If you enjoy going head first and swinging, gear up with some heavy armor and weaponry. The choice will be completely yours in regards to the direction you want to go. There will be many different combinations at your disposal. Finding the perfect build will be an adventure in itself!

The World of Vahrin

The developers took quite a bit of time to flesh out this world. Every bit of Exodus: Rising is incredibly vibrant and really takes you to a fantasy realm. From mushroom valleys to vast castles, this game takes you to a far away place. I personally love getting lost in games that are rich with different environments and Exodus: Rising looks like it will deliver that.

Final Notes

Exodus: Rising is planned to release sometime in 2021. This game is ready to be added onto anyone’s Steam Wishlist here! It looks like it will be a very fun and immersive fantasy styled RPG! I am very excited where this goes and will definitely try and pick up a copy upon release! Lastly, don’t forget to take a look at Indielodge. I am constantly showing off and reviewing different indie games. If you’re a developer, don’t hesitate to contact me to show off yours!