Indie Game in Development – Expedition Zero

Indie Game in Development – Expedition Zero

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Survival horror meets state of the art technology in Expedition Zero. Enigmatic Machines is developing this indie game and it looks amazingly terrifying. This horror game is set in a very remote part of Siberia. If that’s not spooky enough, I will add that you, as the player, must use your engineering skills to confront flesh eating monsters. You are also the last survivor of a Soviet scientific journey. I will discuss what I know about Expedition Zero in this article.

Story & Gameplay

Expedition Zero takes place after a meteorite hits somewhere in the taiga forest in Siberia. This caused the area to become an exclusion zone. Military bases went completely silent and the villagers began talking about flesh eating creatures. Apparently, these creatures have devastated many villages in the surrounding areas. The Soviets sent out an advanced team to figure out what is happening. They showed up with high tech gear and protective suits. Unfortunately, this didn’t help because their signal was lost on the first day. Now there you are, the lone survivor of this expedition team, trying to find your way back home.

Your story begins here and you must survive, not only the freezing forest but all other threats that come your way. As the player, you will go up against monsters that have both brains and brawn. You will have to use all your engineering skills to come out ahead.

Throughout your gameplay you will have the ability to upgrade your mechanized suit. I am assuming as you progress the monsters will become more dangerous and the weather will eventually become incredibly powerful. Upgrading your suit will help you to get out alive. Furthermore, as an engineer you have the know how to craft Soviet gadgets and you will also be able to discover new technologies. Using all of this will help you uncover the truth of Expedition Zero!

The World & My Thoughts

Expedition Zero looks immensely unnerving. You will explore small villages, military compounds and dark caves. Each of the locations are dark and gloomy which is fantastic because it adds to the horror! This game mostly takes place in the outskirts of Siberia so who knows what is really going on over here.

Expedition Zero Dark Entity

Based on snippets I have seen of Expedition Zero, I see there is more to the story than just flesh eating monsters running amok. I have seen crosses which makes me believe there will be some sort of paranormal entity. There is also a dark shadowy monster that confronts you at some point. Could the meteor have summoned some sort of paranormal energy or could this be some sort of Soviet coverup? I am strictly making assumptions but I am definitely excited to find out what this game has in store.

Final Notes

If you love survival horror games you have to check out Expedition Zero. I do not have a defined release date but you can add it to your Steam Wishlist to be ready when it does release. Follow this link to take you to this indie game’s store page. Let us know what you think of this game in the comments below and lastly, be sure to check out Indielodge where I am constantly showing off some cool indie games that are currently in development!

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