Indie Game in Development – Farewell North

Indie Game in Development – Farewell North

Farewell North takes a unique turn in gaming. Instead of playing as a human character, you play as a border collie. You travel the lands, which are inspired by the Scottish Highlands, to help bring color back to the world. Not only that, but you will also help recover the memories from this woman’s life. Developed by Kyle Banks, this indie game is a beautiful adventure game that starts off gloomy and dreary. However, it quickly comes to life with all of its colors. I will discuss some of the features in Farewell North in this article.

Story & Gameplay

Farewell North will take players on a journey uncovering secrets as to why the colors of the world have disappeared. There is more to this game than just that though. I do not want to give out too many spoilers. As the player, you and your companion go around by foot and canoe making your way through the world.

This game is a casual game. Really take in the sites of the world and go at your own pace. Part of the beauty of this game is the visuals. Each visual mode will provide different mechanics and challenges for players to overcome.

Farewell North Gameplay Footage

Enemies & Puzzles

This game isn’t 100% a walk in the park. There will be enemies lurking throughout. The deep and rich folklore from Scotland inspired many of the enemies in this game. You and your companion will have to evade any potential threats that may come your way.

While avoiding attacks from enemies, players will also have to solve puzzles to progress through the game. Collecting items and smashing through walls with giant boulders are some things seen in this game. I can only imagine that the puzzles will become more complex as the game progresses. Farewell North may utilize having to use both colored and colorless parts of the world to move forward. This is an assumption but it would definitely be exciting to see that!

Final Notes

I am quite excited to play this game! The visuals look incredible, and I am excited to bring color to a dreary world. If interested, check out the developer’s Steam Page here, where you can add Farewell North to your Steam Wishlist. It is expected to release sometime in 2021! Lastly, check out Indielodge, where I continue to showcase some fantastic indie titles currently in development.

Author: IndieLoo