Indie Game in Development – Harvest Island

Indie Game in Development – Harvest Island

Yobob Games is developing a semi-farming simulator. It is called Harvest Island. In this indie game, you play as a boy named Will. He lives on a remote island with his father and sister. Will enjoys exploring the island trying to figure out if there is more to life than meets the eye. Unfortunately, his sister Samantha seems to always stay close behind. Harvest Island shows the struggle of having siblings. It is also a game full of exploration with plenty of secrets to uncover! This article will dive into some of the features of Harvest Island.

Life on the Island

Will spends most of his time on the island doing many different things. While playing, you will gather many different objects. You will be able to gather coconuts, seaweed, crabs and much more. Certain items can be offered to gods. While playing the demo, which can be downloaded here, the kids were very adamant about offering items to the gods. They must have some great importance in the game.

Living on an island gives you one big perk. There are plenty of fish to catch! In Harvest Island, you will be able to catch many different fish. Each one will have their own behavior and habitat.

As stated above Harvest Island has gods incorporated into the game. If you give them offerings they will give you bless. Use bless to befriend different animals, purchase tools and craft items. Pleasing the gods with offerings will be an important part of this indie game.

This game will have many different animals roaming the island. You will be able to pet, feed, and become friends with them. Animals will provide different items or potentially share new locations with you.


Harvest Island offers a day and night cycle. You will be able to see the sunrise and sunset and watch the landscape change before your eyes. Also, this game will have different types of weather available. There may be moments where its gently raining while other times it feels like a hurricane is sweeping through.

The tide will also fluctuate in Harvest Island. New and secret locations will be able to be uncovered during different tides. This will give players new places to explore because the landscape itself will be different.

Final Notes

Harvest Island looks like it will be a little farm simulator with so much more going on outside of the farm. Explore the gorgeously designed island as Will and see if there is more to life than meets the eye. Test the demo of this game here and be sure to add the full version to your Steam Wishlist! This game is expected to release sometime in 2021! Lastly, check out Indielodge, where I am constantly showcasing indie games that have been previously released and currently under development!