Indie Game in Development – Infinite Dungeon Crawler

Indie Game in Development – Infinite Dungeon Crawler

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Take on some gruesome foes in Infinite Dungeon Crawler, a turn based RPG that is currently under development. Create your character and explore through many unique and randomly generated. Set in a fantasy world, Infinite Dungeon Crawler is finding its way to the Steam Store. Add this indie game to your Wishlist or purchase a copy once released by following the link below. This article will discuss some fantastic features that can be found in this indie game!

Story & Gameplay

You and many other fortune hunters scramble to reach the town of Evervale. The reason? Because, a very mysterious gate has been recently discovered. This gate has the power to transport treasure hunters, adventurers and more to new lands. Many strange monsters and some incredible treasures sit and wait in these new lands, aching for you to discover them.

Just like any adventure, you start your journey by creating your character. Choose your gender and body style which best represents you. You can choose from six different races to play as. Furthermore, Infinite Dungeon Crawler provides you with eight different character classes to choose from. Which are:

  • Alchemist
  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Fighter
  • Mage
  • Paladin
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
infinite dungeon crawler gameplay

This indie game provides many different options to best fit your preferences. Besides character builds you will be able to choose different types of weapons, armor, skills and abilities to make your life down in the dungeons a little more pleasant. However, they won’t be so pleasant for the enemies that come your way.

Weapons & Armor

There are many different types of weapons to choose from in Infinite Dungeon Crawler. Over 50 to be exact! The weapons will vary from swords, crossbows, maces and more! There are plenty for you to pick to fit your play style. On top of that, there are more than 120 spells and abilities for you to choose from. Spells range from smoke bombs, ice knife, divine light and much more!

It doesn’t end there! Infinite Dungeon Crawler has over 100 different type of armor available in the game. Choose from plate armor, leather armor, accessories with different boots, helmets and more. The options and combinations are borderline limitless in this indie game. Find out which armor gives the best stats and works right for you.


A turn based RPG is not complete with monsters! Infinite Dungeon Crawler has many different types of monsters you will do battle with. There are more than 35 different monsters you will come face to face. Some will are classics like, goblins, skeletons and rats. There are also some more unique ones you don’t see everyday such as: Will-o-Wisps, Harpies, Bugbears and more. Keep an eye out for them all! Some will definitely test your dungeon crawling skills. You may or may not see every monster in an adventure. The worlds are randomly generated so you may come across one type of monster in one dungeon and different types of monsters in others. This is great because if you could see every monster in one dungeon, it would make the game less exciting.

Q&A with Developer

I asked the developer of Infinite Dungeon Crawler a series of questions. Many I believe are incredibly common to ask when someone is building a game. The following section of the article will display the question I asked and answer provided.

What inspired you to begin developing your game?

I started programming back in the 80’s and my first programs were always games — a lot on the Commodore 64. After a programming career of about 20 years doing a lot of statistical stuff, I am now semi-retired. I’ve always wanted to revisit my game-making days and my family encouraged me to go for it. I have been working on IDC for about 2 years now and it is definitely a labor of love.

How does your game differ from others in the same genre?

I wanted my RPG to have a lot of re-playability and short missions, in a turn-based platform, with lots of customization. And, unlike other quest-based RPG’s that end at a certain point, the worlds are all randomly generated. Plus, there is a lot of variability in how you can make up your character and the team they hire, from the classes, skills, and abilities they have to their appearance, armor and weapons.

What are some of your favorite features players should look out for?

There are a ton of abilities and spells to choose from. The base game has about 125, with some overlapping between classes, but most specific to a given class. So it is a very different game playing as a Ranger versus something like a Druid, or a Cleric, or a Paladin. There is also a big roster of skills to choose from, which boost particular stats for players, so as you level up you really can tailor the game to your own playing style.

Is there possibility of DLC to be added to your game in the future?

Absolutely. The base game itself (which will be free to play) is a wooded, green, natural world and has over 30 monsters, plus a bunch of weapons and armor. We will launch two expansion packs almost immediately which add different worlds to travel to. One is an underground dungeon, with rooms and doors and torches on the walls. The other is a frozen ice world. Each expansion pack will add about 25-35 new monsters as well as add additional abilities, spells, weapons and armor. Our plan is to release expansion packs on a regular basis to keep the content exciting and original.

Final Notes

As stated above, if you’re interested in Infinite Dungeon Crawler, be sure to add it to your Wishlist. This indie game is available to add to your Steam Wishlist and is also expected to release on mobile in the near future. Once released, get down to business, build the character of your dreams, and dive into those sweet randomly generated worlds! If roleplaying games interest you, check out some more on Indielodge by following this link. I do my best to showcase some beautiful indie games that are being built by solo developers and small studios!