Indie Game in Development – Insatiable Infestation

Indie Game in Development – Insatiable Infestation

A gorgeous looking zombie action indie game named Insatiable Infestation is currently under development. In this game you apart of Omega Squad. The Omega Squad is tasked to protect the CDC in Atlanta Georgia. However, Atlanta falls and now you must help any remaining survivors. Your new task is to take any remaining survivors to the Florida Coast. The Navy has a few ships docked right along the coast. Will you and the Omega Squad be able to make it to Florida? Back this project on Kickstarter and you may be able to see for yourself when it releases. I do not have too much to discuss about this game but I will dive into what I know.

Something Different

Tony Littleton, developer of Insatiable Infestation wants to do something different with the zombie genre. Many zombie games and movies have things in them that just don’t make sense. For example, that one stoner person that somehow managed to live as long as he/she did. Also, incredibly loud motorcycles that will most definitely attract beautiful hoards of zombies. Tony is trying to imagine a zombie world a little different than what we are used to. Instead of law enforcement and the military completely falling apart during the zombie apocalypse, in his world, the military holds onto their oath until their final breath! It’s an interesting change from what we consider the norm in the zombie genre.

insatiable infestation gameplay

There is one other thing that Tony has implemented into Insatiable Infestation. The majority of the cast in this zombie indie game is black. It’s a welcoming change and I like that Tony is developing his game in his own eyes. He has a background in film making so he definitely sees the world through a different lens because of his work experience. I love the cinematography in this game already and I can’t wait to try out this third person shooter!


As stated in the previous paragraph, this post apocalyptic indie game will be played through 3rd person. This gives you a better field of view and you will definitely need to see what’s around you. From the trailer, which is posted at the bottom of this article, there are constant swarms of zombies coming towards you. You have to keep your eyes open and your decisions have to be fast. Sure, some of the zombies drag their feet but there are enough that run at you that will force you to make quick choices. On top of that, there are swarms of them coming at certain times.

In the trailer there is quite a bit of cinematography. It looks very well done and I really hope some make it into the final version of this indie game.

Final Notes

Like I said, what I know about this game is limited but I hope to find out more in the near future. Follow the link above to Insatiable Infestation’s Kickstarter page and consider backing this project. It looks like it will be a butt clenching action game. Anyone who love zombies and close encounters with them will love this game. Lastly, if you enjoy action games, check out more at Indielodge!