Indie Game in Development – Manafinder

Indie Game in Development – Manafinder

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A gorgeous Japanese-styled turn based RPG is currently being developed by the indie studio, Wolfsden. This game features beautiful pixel art, deep story and looks to be inspired by classic games such as, Final Fantasy. You will fight your way through wild beasts and other threats in the world of Aevi. Your goal is to find manastones which will help keep you and your community safe. This article will discuss the story and many key features of Manafinder.


You are Lambda, a survivor exiled from the Holy Kingdom of Manahill. You are now living in a small community in the world of Aevi. Incredibly powerful monsters roam the lands surrounding your settlement. Monsters are on the doorsteps of the settlement and attacks are waiting to happen. Individuals called Manafinders will risk it all to find manastones in the dangerous wilderness to help protect the settlement. Lambda is one of the few surviving Manafinders. Will you be able to find the manastones while dealing with internal and external conflict?

If this story interests you, add Manafinder to your Steam Wishlist to prepare you for its 2022 release!


The world of Manafinder is rich in environments, monsters, weaponry and much more. It will provide players with roughly 8 to 12 hours of gameplay but every bit of this game looks incredibly refreshing and unique which will keep players entertained.

Monsters & Environments

If you love traversing through different biomes, Manafinder has you covered! Players will be able to explore over 23 different biomes throughout their playthrough. You will come across frozen tundras, gorgeous forests, eerie dungeons and much more! On top of that, players will be able to go head to head with over 120 different monsters that populate the world of Aevi. Each monster has a unique design and combat strategy. The artists behind Manafinder have clearly taken great care in designing some gorgeous monsters!

Weapons & Items

Players can use many different types of weapons to exploit certain monster’s weaknesses. You’ll be able to search for manastones and mine elemental ore to help get you through some incredibly challenging battles in this indie game. It is just you playing as Lambda and your trusty pet fighting powerful beasts so you have to be ready for anything!

Other Key Features

Lambda’s will come across and meet other exiles, manafinders, nomads, and much more throughout her journey. Also, her choices will determine the ending of her adventure. There are two different endings players will get to experience based on the choices Lambda makes. There are also many side quests Lambda can complete to take a break from the main story line. The sides quests will help players learn more about the exiled who struggle to survive day by day.

Q&A with Developer

I asked the developers a series of questions to give more insight on their game. The following will display questions asked and responses given by the developer(s).

What inspired you to begin developing your game?

There’s not one “singular” reason. I’ve been prototyping games since the RPG Maker 2000 days. But nowadays I have a full time job not related to making games. I needed a creative outlet, and I still really enjoy gaming, so that naturally lead to me creating Manafinder. As for the inspiration behind Manafinder itself, it came from a poem I wrote. I aimlessly write “stuff” every now and then and that one sparked my imagination.

How does your game differ from others in the same genre?

Weapon selection is made on a per-turn basis and that changes the dynamics of combat. If you just mindlessly choose “Attack” to win you’re going to have a hard time with the game. I’m very happy with how this turned out. Another thing that I feel is not seen enough in JRPGs is “solitude”. You spend a lot of the time on long journeys with only your dog. The farther you get from the settlement (game’s hub) the lonelier you feel. It’s a feeling more commonly seen in games like Metroid or Dark Souls, but I don’t think it’s as common in Japanese-style RPGs.

What are some of your favorite features players should look out for?

Everything is original pixel art, and I’m personally really happy with how original and unique many of the monster designs came out. I hope people can enjoy that as well! On the same boat, some of the animations, in particular the Unleash (special attacks) ones start becoming increasingly over the top as the game progresses. This is something I love about JRPGs!

Will DLC to be added to your game in the future?

Probably not DLC but certainly patches with bugfixes and hopefully additional language support. I would love to have Spanish support given that it’s my native language.

Final Notes

Manafinder looks like it will be an exciting and story rich indie game. Once again, check it out on Steam and be sure to add it to your wishlist. Follow the developers on Twitter here to stay up to date with future Manafinder news! Lastly, if you enjoy playing RPG games check out some more at Indielodge.