Indie Game in Development – Movin Force

Indie Game in Development – Movin Force

Become the hero of Kore in Movin Force, a VR game party game that is currently under development by Keiron Interactive. Before I get ahead of myself, let me explain a few things. Kore is the world you live in, and athletes from all over compete with one another for eternal glory. They compete in the Kore Tournament. This is equivalent to the Olympics in our world. You pick the nation you want to represent at the start of the tournament. Defeat the masters and you only then can call yourself the hero of this tournament.

This game sounds fascinating! Movin Force may be a fantastic way to get a full body workout while gaming. Furthermore, it is planned to release on Steam, Oculus Quest and Playstation Store. If you’re sold on this idea, consider checking out the developer’s Kickstarter page and back this project! Otherwise, keep reading because I will go over some of the features that are found in this indie game!


Movin Force has many different playable games. Each one sort of mimics real life sports to stay familiar and bring entertainment to all types of gamers. This indie game resides in a fantasy world but it sticks to real life dynamics. Different games will put you up against different athletes. Each athlete is looking to become the champion for their nation. Keep in mind that you may just have three different athletes trying to defeat you. Currently, 10 different games exist in the realm of Kore. Certain games are a specialty for a nation. The games are:

  • Boreas – Tests ability and reflex, commonly played in Esperia
  • Egidas – Use a shield to hit disks at targets, played in every nation
  • Atlaua – Use your hands to control energy, played in Balam
  • Jin – Hit targets with a sniper, played by Neonia
  • Jormund – Hit targets with enormous crossbows, played by Suerbia
  • Wasoon – Pick crystals and bring them close, played by Balam
  • Wotan – Axe throwing, played by Suerbia
  • Poktapok – Launch spheres into different portals, played by everyone
  • Raiju – Block lightning shot from the Raiju, played by Neonia
  • Janus – Dodge energy with special equipment, played by everyone

Every match in Kore’s Tournament will include five games to play. There will also be three different game modes that can be played in Movin Force. The game modes are arcade, campaign and training mode. A survival mode is in the works however, it will not be available at this game’s release. Multiplayer is also in the works but like survival mode, it will also not be available at release.

Q & A With Keiron Interactive

As always, some questions are always brewing in my head when looking at indie games. Many of these questions are probably quite commonly asked but I want a public place where readers can scan through to learn more about the game. The following segment of this article will share some questions I asked and answers provided.

What inspired you to begin developing your game?

We would tell about a epic story with some funny party game to workout all body with VR

How does your game differ from others in the same genre?

We can offer a great feeling of epicness in wearing armor, the player feels like a great hero of Kore and at the same time plays and trains reflexes and muscles with VR

What are some of your favorite features players should look out for?

if Kickstarter campaign end well… The multiplayer!

Is there possibility of DLC to be added to your game in the future?

Maybe 😉

This concluded the question and answer section of Movin Force. Hopefully this bit of information gives potential players a little more insight into the future of this game and inspiration behind it. If you have any questions that you would like for me to add into future Q&A’s contact me at [email protected]

Final Notes

Movin Force will most likely start releasing on select VR headsets by Q3 of 2021. The Oculus Quest will get the first release of this title, then Steam in Q4 and the PlayStation Store will get this game in Q1 of 2022. If you’re looking for a good workout but also seeking some fun, check on Movin Force! It looks gorgeous and you really feel like a hero because you suit up in nice armor! If you are looking for some more VR games check out this page for virtual reality games that are currently in development or possibly released.