Indie Game in Development – Mythic Prelude

Indie Game in Development – Mythic Prelude

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Top-down games have been popular for what feels like ages. There is a new one that is being developed by Dmitri Lowell called Mythic Prelude. This indie game puts you in the shoes of Simon Gram, also known as the boy in blue. Simon wakes in a home that is not his. The furniture in the home is obnoxiously large. Furthermore, the only thing Simon can find are the journals of Tlaloc, a hero the boy admired. The story of Simon begins there. This article will discuss features that can be seen in Mythic Prelude.


Fast paced combat in Mythic Prelude will keep players on their toes. Multi-phased bosses will show their ugly faces to test your dexterity and reaction time. The boss fights look like they will be pretty intense. As frustrating as it may get, it’ll definitely be incredibly rewarding defeating one!

Players will have to overcome an assortment of obstacles and puzzles. There will be many different skills Simon can use to pass obstacles such as large gaps. Just like old top-down games, the boy in blue will have to push blocks around to complete puzzles. You will acquire many of your skills after defeating bosses.

Extra Info & Planned Features

The story of Mythic Prelude seems to have similarities to old school “hero” stories but it’s unique enough to catch my attention. You befriend a talking raven which is pretty sweet! There also seems to be one recurring enemy who looks like he will be the big bad of the game. However, he definitely looks like he will test your skills during fights.

Dmitri Lowell has a few plans for Mythic Prelude which will hopefully make the final cut. First, he hopes to include multiple endings into this indie game. Maybe a plot twist where Simon goes darkside? Who knows but I am excited to find out. Furthermore, mini games are also in the pipeline of things that are planned to be added into the game. A few other things such as a MacOS release, optional bosses, and more might be coming our way.

Final Notes

I don’t have a release date known for this game yet but keep an eye out on the developer’s page for updates. A playable demo is available by following that link. If this game fascinates you, consider backing the project on Kickstarter here! Lastly, don’t forget to take a look at Indielodge, where I am constantly trying to show off some cool indie titles!