Indie Game in Development – Paranormal Nightmares

Indie Game in Development – Paranormal Nightmares

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An eerie, story driven horror game is under development by Luxellis Game Studios. Paranormal Nightmares puts you into the shoes of Kira, a girl who is searching for a remedy to save her friend. Throughout this story, a ghost named Alessa is following and hunting Kira. It is up to you to find out the story of Alessa and also to find a remedy for your friend. This article will go over some of Paranormal Nightmare’s features.

The World of Paranormal Nightmares

As mentioned earlier, this indie game takes place in Harvest Fall, Indiana. Kira will maneuver around this town looking for a remedy for her ailing friend. The town is incredibly small and old. As the main character, you may go into the town hall, police station and other buildings to find what you are looking for.

This indie title’s goal is to run shivers down your spine. You are searching through buildings with nothing but your trusty flashlight by your side. The flashlight’s battery slowly depletes so be sure to always keep an eye out for batteries!


Playing through part of the demo, which can be downloaded here, gave me a nice glimpse into the world of Paranormal Nightmares. The demo does not hold your hand, but instead drops you right into the action. You start off by simply walking down the hallway in a school. The school seems abandoned. Out in the distance of the hallway, a silhouette can be seen.

Paranormal Nightmares Kira

I will not go further into details on the gameplay of the demo. Instead, I want to compliment the developers on the creepiness and lack of visibility in the game. The further an object is from your flashlight, the harder it is to see. I caught myself getting closer to my screen trying to see what’s ahead of me before something jumps out in front of my face. The flashlight physics feels very realistic which is great!

The demo hold plenty more, and it’s best to try it out for yourself!

Final Notes

Paranormal Nightmares is expected to release October 2021. Take a look at the developer’s Kickstarter page here. Definitely consider backing this project if it interests you! Don’t forget to try the demo. Lastly, please check out for more information on new and upcoming indie titles.