Indie Game in Development – Prim

Indie Game in Development – Prim

Death has always stolen the show in games and movies. However in Prim, a game developed by Common Colors, Death is cast aside and his daughter is in the spotlight! The art style of this indie game is incredible and very reminiscent of all things Tim Burton. The movements, the character designs, and even the color scheme make you feel like you’re in a Tim Burton movie. Anyway, Prim is a 2D point and click adventure game that is meant to be both cute and creepy.


The story starts off with very odd things going on in the Land of the Dead. Thanatos, the Angel of Death, has stopped reaping souls and instead is in disarray with his teenage daughter. Death’s daughter Prim is having a recurring dream. Every night, a human boy cries out and asks for her help. Prim is doing what she can to answer the call and help the little boy. However, her father forbids her from taking a trip to the land of the living. If Prim steps foot onto Earth she will be overcome with incredible power. The Grim Reaper doesn’t want her to go to Earth because he believes she will not be able to control her power. Prim manages to pull a fast one and fool her dad. She sneaks off to Earth and Death’s beliefs come true.

In this indie game, both Death and Prim grow mentally, emotionally and physically. Death learns that he has to let his daughter grow up and Prim learns who she truly is. Prim gets to jump between the Underworld and Overworld in this game. She will face internal and external demons throughout her journey. If the concept of Prim already has you excited, follow the link below to add this game to your Steam Wishlist and to play the demo. Also, if you want to back the project, check out the developer’s Kickstarter page. Continue reading the article, if you’re on the fence because I will discuss some of the features that can be found in Prim.

Main Features

Prim is full of gorgeous, hand drawn artwork. Traditional frame-by-frame animation brings the world you see in this indie game to life! From what I can tell, this game is completely in black and white but that does not stop this little adventure game from being jaw dropping. The animations are very fluid and crafted with great care by the developers. The design chosen for Prim really reminds me of how some teenagers look, especially around their parents. You know, always looking unamused and ready to dish out some attitude. The Grim Reaper looks far more proper and you could tell based off his design, it’s his way or the highway.

prim gameplay footage

Because of the nature of point and click styled games, sometimes objects are hard to find or puzzles are hard to solve. Common Colors will have an in-game hint system for players to use when needed. The goal of course is to not do so but it’s always there to back you up! Furthermore, Prim will have fast travel available to use as well. This will make traveling a breeze and may save gamers from having to tediously travel one screen at a time. Mini games such as deck building card games will be available in the full release of this game.


The music for Prim is incredible! It is (in my opinion) sort of enchanting sounding and really draws you in. I cannot wait to see what else will come of the music when the game is fully released. The tunes in this game are very fitting for the art and character styles. Be sure to really give the songs a listen when you play through the demo!

Final Notes

If you love point and click adventures or adore Tim Burton as a producer, director and writer, you will most definitely love Prim. Once again, I highly recommend you follow the links above, play the demo and then back this project! This game still has plenty of development ahead of it, but it is already looking fantastic! Let me know what you think of this indie game in the comments below! Lastly, if you love adventure games be sure to check out more adventure games here at Indielodge!

Author: IndieLoo