Indie Game in Development – Rebuilding Hope

Indie Game in Development – Rebuilding Hope

Low Poly Forge is developing a game named Rebuilding Hope. Now, information about this indie title is limited but I really like the direction it is heading. The world of Rebuilding Hope is in a state of despair. People have withered away to a miniscule husk. Communities are torn apart and people’s dreams are broken. Your story begins when you are convinced to save your world by a traveler from another universe! This article will dive into some of the information I know about Rebuilding Hope.

The World

After watching some of the developer’s videos, I noticed that the world of Rebuilding Hope is going to be pretty large! There is a nice mosaic of hills, rivers, and forest for players to explore. As the developer continues to build the game, the detail becomes more and more striking. The world is slowly coming to life and the developer continues to make plans to add things like critters, more people, base building and more. There is still plenty of work to do but Rebuilding Hope is coming along well!

This indie game appears to consist of a lot of exploration. I managed to catch glimpses of small towns, a few people scattered around and an enormous rock golem standing alongside a path. In one area there is a small cottage with leaves falling gently from the trees. The overall atmosphere looks fantastic!

As the player, you will have to go through obstacles and quests to stitch back together your broken world. A strange cloud has caused this damage and despair and only you can save it!

More Features Coming

Low Poly Forge is making more plans for this indie game. An inventory, more animations, dialogue, music and much more are in the pipeline. I am definitely adding this game to my Wishlist once that’s available and will be monitoring its progress as it comes along!

Final Notes

Check out Low Poly Forge’s twitter page here and instagram page here to follow the development of this game. Also, check out the developer’s Youtube channel here and join Rebuilding Hope’s discord server here! Hopefully, you are all as excited about this game as I am. Lastly, please check out for more information on new and upcoming indie titles!

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