Indie Game in Development – Skyelands

Indie Game in Development – Skyelands

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Treasure Hunters have discovered a mysterious island in Skyelands, an indie game that is under development by Enoc. This game puts you in a fast paced environment where you and friends parkour and race to reach your goal. Furthermore, there is an ominous energy that seems to be calling to you. As a treasure hunter, it is instinctual to investigate. Maybe this energy is calling you to some amazing treasure? If you’re already excited for this game’s plot, check out Enoc’s Kickstarter page. Otherwise, this article will go over some of the features Skyelands has to offer.

Game Modes & Gameplay

Skyelands will offer three different play modes gamers can experience. The first is time restraint mode, which I believe is something like a race against the clock mode. There will be many different routes to take and plenty of obstacles that will come your way. I hope there will be varying difficulty levels to ramp up the challenge!

Next, we have the iconic and classic 1 vs. 1 race mode. This mode will of course pin you against one other person to see who will reach the goal first. Parkour isn’t the only thing you can do in this game. Battle with your opponent or sneak in an attack to try and knock them off the island. There is plenty you can do to try and get ahead.

The final mode is the battle mode. In this mode you will go head to head with up to 3 other players to see who is the best racer. Use similar tactics to get ahead of your opponents. Scale walls, use skills and weapons to come out on top and crown yourself the champion!


There will be a handful of abilities players will have access to during their playthrough. Innate abilities, parkour abilities and artifacts will be available to give you players the edge over their opponents. Ramming and grappling are two innate abilities available. Parkour abilities to get you through tight cracks and unique terrain. Lastly, artifact abilities which are abilities that will attack, slow or disorient your opponents. There will be four different artifacts available in the game to use.

The World of Skyelands

Skyelands will primarily take place on a beautifully crafter island in the sky. In reality, it is more of a chain of islands that players can hop to and from. Anyway, these islands are full of ancient ruins, enormous trees, and plenty of things to parkour on. As an added bonus, Enoc added floating rock whales which I assume can be used to jump from island to island! It will be hard to speed through to the end with so much gorgeous scenery to look at.

Skyelands whale and arena

Q&A with Enoc

I had the pleasure of asking Enoc a few questions about his game that other gamers may be curious about. The following text will show my questions and Enoc’s answers:

What inspired you to begin developing your game?

It was a prototype for a game made in university. I thought it would be a waste to not polish it and make it into a proper game.

How does your game differ from others in the same genre?

It’s a mixture of Super Mario Kart and Mirror’s Edge. So like a racing game with parkour elements.

What are some of your favorite features players should look out for?

Use of parkour and innate abilities and artefacts.

Is there possibility of DLC to be added to your game in the future?

Definitely. Think of this game as a test run. Its a university project turned commercialized project. The dlc will expand on maps and abilities and more. But it all depends on the reception of this game. Stay tuned.

Do you have social media or a website we can check out for your game?

Definitely. At the moment Kickstarter is the main social media platform that I will be using, I’ve got an Instagram but it’s going to only advertise the game on the Kickstarter site. So yea Kickstarter is the main page for updates.

Final Notes

Be sure to keep an eye out for this exciting and fast paced racing game! Skyelands is planned for a release in December 2021 or sooner! Really consider backing this project on Kickstarter if you love islands in the sky and competitive racing! Lastly, check out more indie game news at Indielodge! Let me know your impressions of this game in the comments below!