Indie Game in Development – Slay The Dragon!

Indie Game in Development – Slay The Dragon!

If you have ever had a really annoying sibling, there may have been a time you wished they would simply disappear. Maj did exactly that in Slay the Dragon! Except, for her an actual dragon swooped down and took her little brother away. Now Maj must travel through many different landscapes to save her brother. Slay the Dragon! is an isometric hack and slash indie game and this article will cover some of the features of this indie game.

Live Through Your Imagination

Many kids may have imagined a fantasy world full of dragons and other monsters. The developers of this indie game want players to feel like they are reliving their childhood imaginations. They created a world based largely on the Swedish countryside with a fantasy twist.

Kids played and imagined being heroes in their sibling’s lives. Some kids imagined their sibling tied to train tracks. Others were about to get crushed by enormous boulders (made of pillows). Although, many of these touching moments lead to fighting, kids have fantastic imaginations and that is where the developers want to take you.

The World of Slay the Dragon!

The world of this indie game is gorgeous. Seeing Maj travel through dark forests, a bridge over a tundra, and giant pumpkin fields, amazes me. The developers do a great job taking regular landscapes and giving them a more unique personality.

In Slay the Dragon! players will be able to travel through golden fields, deep forests, waterfalls, high mountain peaks and dangerous caves. Maj has to carry her oversized sword through thick and thin to save her little brother that she originally tried to wish away.

Other Features

Maj will use her massive sword to fight through many different enemies such as stone giants and spiky cactus balls. She can use a combinations of moves in order to take down enemies. For using such a large sword, Maj is incredibly agile with it.

Also, when playing through this game you will be able to collect Hallon Berries. Do your best to collect them all. The ending may change after collecting all of the berries!

Final Notes

Slay the Dragon is due to release on February 5th, 2021. Add it to your Steam Wishlist here and be sure to check it out when it releases! This looks like a really fun game with gorgeous artwork that lets you relive through some imagination. Lastly, don’t forget to check out where I post information on new and upcoming indie games being developed by small studios and solo developers!