Indie Game in Development – SpiderHeck

Indie Game in Development – SpiderHeck

A spider is something that gives people the shivers, the chills, and potentially makes you tremble in fear. These eight legged creatures can make some tough people scream! However, Neverjam, a solo developer, took the idea of a creepy spider and built on it. This developer gave spiders laser swords and began developing SpiderHeck. SpiderHeck is a physics based brawler, where you control a spider and go head to head against other spiders. SpiderHeck will release sometime in 2021 and this article will cover some of the features seen in this indie game!

Brawl it Out

In SpiderHeck, you duke it out with other spiders in an arena. You will have the ability to fight up to four other spiders. These spiders have some of the most acrobatic moves I have ever seen. As a fighter, use everything in your book to win the fight. Players can swing their laser sword and shoot webs to swing from platform to platform. However, the chaos doesn’t end there. Players have the power to throw their laser sword to get an extra edge in battle.

This game is incredibly fast paced and it will push these arachnid’s skills to the limit.

Other Ways to Play

SpiderHeck is not limited to only pinning these eight legged killing machines against one another. From what I have seen there are other game modes that will be available. You will be able to fight hornet like creatures that come at you in swarms. Also, you will have to put your web swinging skills to the test by trying to get away from a giant wall of energy/lava that will most likely vaporize you. Take a look at the video at the bottom of this article to see what SpiderHeck has in store for you.

From what I have read, online multiplayer is not yet available but it may be possible in the future. As of right now, the developer says players will be able to use Parsec & Steam Remote Play to meet up with friends online or play through shared split screen!


The arenas in this indie game look fantastic. The arenas will transition from one to the next rapidly. When you play, the changing arenas will force you to quickly adapt to new environments and weapons. Practice your parkour skills and you web swinging skills to get ahead of your opponents.

Final Notes

SpiderHeck is a very unique brawler and I encourage everyone to check it out. You can play them demo by downloading it on GameJolt here. You can also prep yourself for the release of the game by adding it to your Steam Wishlist here! Lastly, check out Indielodge where I am constantly hunting & showcasing some really cool indie games that are under development.

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