Indie Game in Development – Tell Your Tale

Indie Game in Development – Tell Your Tale

Phillip Donnelly & his team are crafting an online, story driven RPG. The title of the game is Tell Your Tale. In this indie game you form a party with your friends and go on an adventure! There is a twist though. One party member plays as the narrator. The narrator controls how the adventure is shaped in real time. According to Phillip:

The Narrator’s role is what sets Tell Your Tale apart from other engaging RPGs. The Narrator is given all the power they need to come up with their own stories and allow the party members to experience them in real-time. Narrators can spawn NPCs, drop items, change the weather, unleash natural disasters, and wield a number of other tools that can change the course of fate for the party members.

Giving someone the power to create a story makes Tell Your Tale seemingly endless in possibilities. This is only one of many features that the developers are implementing into this game. I will discuss a few more in this article.

The World of Tell Your Tale

From what I have seen so far, the world of Tell Your Tale really puts you in a place where you feel like a hero in a story. This world is how I imagined fantasy worlds looked from my younger years. It is fantastic to see a big castle dominating the landscape and biomes such as:

  • Forests
  • Mountains
  • Turndras
  • Dungeons

Sitting and waiting to be explored. I am only brushing up on a few biomes in this game. Many more are under development for players to enjoy.

tell your tale castle

Choosing Your Character

If you choose to become a party member in Tell Your Tale, you will get to choose a race and class. You can become an ogre, gnome, human and much more. Once you pick a race, you have to choose a class. You can become an elvish wizard, ogre berserk and more. There are currently fourteen classes that players can choose from for their characters.

Each combination of race and class will change how you play the game. Your stats and abilities will vary depending on the character you build. Also, different characters may have different types of maneuverability through biomes. Large builds may be able to carry more but may suffer walking through dense brush.

Narrator Role

You will drive the story as the narrator. During a playthrough the narrator has a birds eye view of what party members are doing. Whoever the narrator will be will have god-like powers within the game. He/she will have the power to change day & night cycles, alter the weather, summon monsters, change biomes and much more!

As the narrator you can either make the party’s gameplay a walk in the park or absolute torture! The role of the narrator should be quite easy to learn and there will be plenty of tutorials available to get you on your feet.

Extra Features

This game will allow you to play with friends and with strangers over the internet. Furthermore, there will be quests available that players can play alone without needing a narrator. Voice chat will be available to use to communicate between party members.

Final Notes

Tell Your Tale looks to be quite the game. I am excited to see how it develops. As it currently stands, its expected release date is sometime in February 2023. Take a look at the developer’s Kickstarter page here and consider backing this project! This game might just be every RPG player’s dream come true. Lastly, don’t forget to look at more upcoming indie game titles at!