Indie Game in Development – The Nest

Indie Game in Development – The Nest

The Nest is a gorgeous, non-linear 2D puzzle platformer that is actively being developed by Ross Campbell and his team. It takes quite a bit of inspiration from games like Ori and the Blind Forest as well as Hollow Knight. You play as a young bird named Red. Red and his companion are looking to start a family. They gather materials and other supplies to prepare them for a long and grueling winter.

However, a savage storm destroys the home they have built. While trying to find a safe place to start fresh, Red stumbles across a vile infection corrupting the forest and the inhabitants around it. In doing so, unearths a prophecy destined to shatter the world. The story of The Nest is exciting and this article will discuss some of the fantastic features in this indie game!

The World

The world of The Nest is a gorgeously crafted fantasy forest. Creatures such as crows, spiders and beavers can all talk and provide information to the player. The history and lore of the world is deep and subtle. The more one explores the woodlands and it’s surrounding areas, the more one learns about the myths that envelop them. Such areas include:

  • Bleakwoods
  • Acid Lake
  • Core Mines
  • Firefly Orrery
  • Rebel’s dam
  • Crystal falls
  • Heart of the World
The Nest Acid Mill

Each location has distinct characteristics and gameplay loops to keep players constantly immersed in something new.


The game will heavily lean on platforming as core gameplay. It will also incorporate moments where the way forward isn’t immediately obvious. This will require the player to think how to overcome the obstacles in front of them.

As a bird, you have the ability to “sing” which can affect the environment around you. For example, song’s such as “The Greeting” or “The Lullaby, will attract creatures or put said creatures to sleep. This will play similar to the song mechanics in Ocarina of Time. The player has to input a short sequence of notes using the d-pad to play the appropriate song. As a result, paths that once were impassable will open up to you. The songs that you learn play a vital role in the story.

The Artwork

The art is where Ross spends most of his time. It’s traditionally animated with 2D hand painted assets and environments. It’s his first game and he wants the art to knock your socks off. He does not have a studio, but he is not a solo-developer either. He has other developers┬ácontributing heavily to the game in code, VFX, sound and music.

The Nest definitely looks incredible from an artistic point of view. You can see the inspiration from older platformers. Regardless, you can see the uniqueness in Ross’s style. Furthermore, the music in this game really sets the tone and give a sense of adventure.

Final Notes

I love the idea of a game where the main character is a bird. The game will be different especially since birds don’t have arms to hold objects. This will make for new challenges that we may have never expected in a game. If you’re interested in The Nest, take a look at Ross Campbell’s page. There is also a Youtube video at the end of this article for players to view. Lastly, don’t hesitate to check out Indielodge where I do my best to showcase some really cool indie titles!

Author: IndieLoo