Indie Game in Development – The Outbound Ghost

Indie Game in Development – The Outbound Ghost

The Outbound Ghost is a funny indie game that is currently under development. It revolves around a ghost that is trying to figure out the cause of their own death. Conradical Games is developing this goofy adventure game. To add more excitement, this game is partly inspired by the Paper Mario series, which can be seen by the art style! Be sure to add this game to your Steam Wishlist to prepare for the Halloween-Eve 2021 release date! This article will discuss some of The Outbound Ghost’s features.


You wake up in the middle of a car crash site as an amnesiac ghost. You walk up to the nearby village and none of the residents recognize you. They say that they have all turned into ghosts due to a village-wide massacre that occurred recently. It also seems that all of the people still bound to Earth have emotional baggage from their previous life that they haven’t yet been able to let go of. Your task as the player is to figure out who committed the killings. Furthermore you have to find out who you are, and help the inhabitants of Outbound let go of their past.


The game is an open-ended exploration game in the style of Zelda games without any combat. You will find tools and items to solve puzzles and help villagers. There are also RPG-lite elements in the form of a dialogue system with stats similarly to Bethesda RPGs.

outbound ghost gameplay

My first impression of the game is very positive. I appreciate the subtle humor and style of the old Paper Mario games. This not so spooky ghost game looks like it may do Paper Mario justice. The character design, world and even the text boxes look like they all flow very well together. The music of The Outbound Ghost fits fantastically with the art style and genre of the game.

Final Notes

If you haven’t already, follow this link to add The Outbound Ghost to your Steam Wishlist. It’s a ghost story game that will surely keep you entertained. Also, keep up to date with the happenings at Conradical Games by following them on Twitter! Lastly, remember to check out Indielodge, where I am constantly showing off some really great indie games currently under development!