Indie Game in Development – Tiny Thor

Indie Game in Development – Tiny Thor

Get ready to play Tiny Thor, a 2D pixel platformer that is currently under development by Asylum Square Interactive GmbH. This indie game looks like a tribute to the classic 16 bit era games. Asylum Square is taking some of the best parts of platforming and building on top of that foundation. I do not have a release date available. However, I do know Tiny Thor is ready to be the next addition to your Steam Wishlist!

Tiny Thor puts you into the shoes of the legendary God of Thunder, but there is a catch. Thor is not the mighty god most of us know, instead he is merely a little boy. You still get to use the mighty Mjölnir to wreak havoc on your enemies. This article will discuss some of the features players will experience in Tiny Thor!


This indie game will test your platforming skills while also sprinkling in some puzzle elements. You will be flinging your hammer around right from the beginning of this game. Mjölnir will zip and bounce around destroying most things that come in its path. Eventually, you will be able to upgrade your powers because the challenges grow as you progress through the game.

Certain parts of Tiny Thor will require quick movements. You will need some thought and preplanning before tackling the puzzles in this game. From what I have seen, the puzzles look to be appropriate for the platforming style of Tiny Thor. They are a great addition to the game and don’t look like they will become tedious.

World & Enemies

Tiny Thor will take you through many different worlds inspired by Norse Mythology. From caverns and forests to ice cold mountains and what looks like the underworld, Thor is really going to be put to the test. Let’s see if he will be able to show the true power of the God of Thunder.

Tiny Thor Underworld

Furthermore, there are many different enemies and bosses that Thor will come across. I will not bore you with every single enemy I have come seen so far but there are cobras, hellhounds, and a Kraken to name a few. Each enemy looks incredibly detailed and will test Thor in their own way. It also looks like every enemy sticks to their themed world, which means there will be a lot of different baddies to fight!

Q & A With Asylum Square

I had the pleasure of having the developers answer a few questions. I know many gamers will be curious to find out some of these things as well. This next section of the article will go over some of the questions and responses I have received.

What inspired you to begin developing your game?

I participated on a 48 hour game jam many years back. The result was ok, but nothing great or special. But I somehow liked the premise of the game and felt like there’s just missing a few things and could be turned into something interesting. However, the project disappeared from my mind and quite some time later a friend of mine, who is pixel artist, did a mock up. That fake-screenshot got me inspired to think more about the game.

How does your game differ from others in the same genre?

The unique thing about Tiny Thor is the hammer. The player can throw the hammer around corners. The hammer bounces like a pinball-ball and that makes up for pretty interesting designs. For example we can require the player to make billiard-like-trick shots to defeat enemies, pushing crates or switches. The combined with traditional platform features makes the game feel very unique with lots of surprises.

Is there possibility of DLC to be added to your game in the future?

This is not planned right now. First we need to get this thing finished (which is hard enough).

Do you have social media or a website we can check out for your game?

Yes, you can find social media links on our website – if you want to talk to us feel free to join our Discord:, or Twitter where I’m quite active:

Tiny Thor Snow

Hopefully these few questions and answers can give you a little more insight to what Tiny Thor is about, or give you the opportunity to speak to the developers at Asylum Square yourself.

Final Notes

I grew up playing the Super Nintendo. Tiny Thor hits really close to home for me and I cannot wait to give this game a try. The nostalgic feeling of this game but also the creativity in its design as well as the gorgeous music really draw me in. If this game interests you, definitely add it to you Steam Wishlist. Lastly, check out more indie game news at Indielodge and be sure to let me know your impressions of this game in the comments below!

Author: IndieLoo