Indie Game in Development – UNPLUGGED

Indie Game in Development – UNPLUGGED

John Wick meets 2D side scrolling in UNPLUGGED, a beat’em up indie game that’s under development by omidjm. In all seriousness, I’m not sure if the game took inspiration from the movies. However, the style and main character definitely remind me of it. The setting of this game puts you in a futuristic dystopian world. The only way to live in this world is to rent out your mind. A system in Cyberspace uses your mind to mine XCoin, which is the only currency available to use world wide. There are rebellious groups of people that try to “unplug.” If Unplugged speaks to you, don’t hesitate to add it onto your Steam Wishlist. A link that will take you to this game’s store page is below. It’s expected to release in April 2021! If you want to learn about some of the details of this game, please continue reading.

Art Style & Gameplay

For the sake of being honest, I do not know all of the details of this game. I was browsing around and I stumbled across it on Reddit. The art style, story, and gameplay blew me away right off the bat. As an added bonus the developer has poured his heart and soul into the development of this game. He started roughly one year ago, with no knowledge of game development. Somehow within that time he put together this beautiful indie game.

Art Style

One of the first things that caught my eye when I saw this game was the art style. Again, it screams John Wick in my face but it also looks like a well made dystopian world. The art style of the character and enemies doesn’t seem incredibly detailed but they look fantastic nonetheless. Furthermore, the character’s color scheme is dull and grim which is a perfect choice for this game. It’s perfect because although the character doesn’t show much color, the world around him makes up for it. Everything around him is well detailed and beautifully colored.

unplugged gameplay


I do not know too much about the gameplay apart from the story. The main details I know is that the character is not limited to using only his fists. He can also use weapons and guns during combat. There are also different types of unlockable combat skills for both melee and ranged weaponry. There seem to be many swarms of bad guys that come your way. You will have to use a combination of melee and ranged attacks to get through this game. Also, from what I have seen, you have a rage meter, stamina bar, and three hearts for health. Hopefully they will be upgradeable to make things a little easier. Lastly, you build a combo meter during fights. From what I can tell, when your meter is maxed, your character acquire the ability to use a special move!

Q & A with the Developer

I love getting extra information from the developers that curious gamers may want to know. I asked the developer a few questions. The next part of the article will dive into some questions I asked and answers I received.

What inspired you to begin developing your game?

I always have been interested in animations and games and it was my dream to make games for my whole life.

How does your game differ from others in the same genre?

I guess visuals and aesthetic aspect of my games would always stand out( hopefully)

What are some of your favorite features players should look out for?

I hope skill system work great in my game and players get the hang of it and really feel like owning the techniques. Killing should be satisfying cause there is a couple of options on each move to choose between.

Is there possibility of DLC to be added to your game in the future?

Probably yeah.. and also an artbook of the game including concept arts and sketches.

That is the end of the questions and answer section of the article. If you would like to see different types of questions asked, please contact me with your ideas! Hopefully this section gives anyone interested some more insight on the game and what to expect in the future.

Final Notes

Unplugged looks like it will be a very exciting game. I am definitely keeping it on my radar and will pick up a copy once it is released! If you’re interested, follow the link above that’ll take you to the game’s Steam Store page. Also, you can follow omidjm on Twitter by clicking his name. It will take you to his profile and you can browse through many of his posts. Lastly, if you love fighting games, take a look at what other developers are working on here!