Indie Game In Progress – Aeterna Noctis

Indie Game In Progress – Aeterna Noctis

A new Metroidvania styled indie game is currently being developed by Aeternum Game Studios. It is called Aeterna Noctis. Expected to be release in 2021, this game sets you on a journey as the King of Darkness. As the king, you have to explore the world of Aeterna to regain your powers.

Chaos, the creator of the world, created Aeterna. Chaos filled this new world with different people, races, and also allowed certain people to rule and show others the way. The people began to fight and this led to war and death. This angered Chaos, who conjured a curse that affected the two leaders in Aeterna, The King of Darkness & Queen of Light. The cursed leaders are consequently forced to fight until the end of their days. Unfortunately, Chaos also made these leaders immortal. Once the leaders of Aeterna are reborn, they must struggle to regain their powers and continue the war forever. This article will continue discussing some of the game features.

Game World

The world of Aeterna Noctis is very rich and colorful. The levels, characters and monsters are gorgeously designed. The style chosen for this game is traditional 2D art. Additionally, the develops are making the game as fluid as possible during gameplay. As a result, it shows that the artists put their heart and soul into the crafting of this environment.

While playing through this Metroidvania styled indie, players can travel around in a non-linear way. The story of this game has a linear path. However, players are encouraged to stray away from the path and dive deep into the world.

Aeterna Noctis Gameplay Footage


Aeterna Noctis is being designed to be challenging. The developers purposely made the game more challenging as players progress and acquire new skills. They want players to feel that proud after completing a level. You are the King of Darkness so there is going to be a challenge around every corner.

This indie game will use every bit of the character’s skills in order to continue progression. Players will be able to master their “Zone Completion” which is essentially a speed run test for each level. Players will have to master and use skills to maximize their zone completion time.

Final Notes

We are excited to see how Aeterna Noctis develops. Check out the developer’s website here, to follow the game’s development. Don’t forget to look at the creator’s social media! Lastly, take a look at for more information on upcoming indie titles!