Indie Game In Progress – Airoheart

Indie Game In Progress – Airoheart

We have a gorgeous game being built by Samuel North from Pixel Heart Studio. The game is called Airoheart which is a 16-bit, top-down, puzzle platformer that gets a lot of its inspiration from the classic Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda series. This game takes a lot of ideas from these classics and does its best to build on those already amazing games!

Airoheart seems to have a fairly well thought out story with in-depth story scenes. The game takes place in Engard, an incredibly large and diverse continent. Unfortunately, war is beginning to stir in the center of it all. As a result, Airoheart finds himself dragged into a very dark and sinister plot that can lead to the enslavement of all life. Airoheart will be tested to his limits and he must make it through with strength from within. We will continue by going into detail about some of the features in Airoheart.

The World of Engard

The continent of Engard is incredibly large. The creators of this game are striving to give each hand-crafted area a rich history and also ible charm. Each location is planned to have many different creatures, people, and lore.

Taking inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, so similarily, Airoheart is filled with puzzles and dungeons that will challenge players throughout the game. Each dungeon the player goes through is themed and the difficulty increases as the player progresses. Players will have to use items and newly unlocked equipment to make it through this world.


Airoheart i designed to have a very easy to follow interface. Pixel Heart Studio is trying to make everything very minimalistic and as a result, be a throwback to A Link To The Past.

Throughout the game, Airoheart will discover new items to help him throughout his story. In order to use these items the player must access the Satchel. The satchel will be the hub for items, armor and weapons. The unique thing about Airoheart is that a stat boost is given depending on what equipment but also what items are equipped. Certain items will give larger stat boosts but others may or may not do anything.


There are times that music from the old classic games still echo through our heads. These classical tunes can be relived through Airoheart. This game created music scores to sound very limited to the music from the SNES era, when instrument and sound limitations were a serious problem. This game lacks voice acting but definitely makes that up by having a beautiful music score.

Final Notes

If you want to re-live the good SNES days, be sure to check out the progress of Airoheart. It is a beautiful game that has been in development since 2017. It is being developed for the PC but with enough support it is planned to be made for the Nintendo Switch and other consoles. Take a look at Pixel Heart Studio’s kickstarter page here and consider backing this project!