Indie Game In Progress – Decline’s Drops

Indie Game In Progress – Decline’s Drops

Have you ever been incredibly furious about the destruction of your garden? So furious that you were ready to put on some boxing gloves and brawl it out until you find the one guilty of destroying it? That’s exactly what you can do in Decline’s Drops, a gorgeous hand drawn, side scroller that is being developed by Drazglb.

In Decline’s Drops you are Globule, a puppet, who has been tending to her garden but everything goes sour when the “decline” begins. A torrential purple rain sweeps through, a six-headed hydra appears and your beloved garden is no more. The whole environment begins to change, strange buildings start appearing and odd creatures also start taking over the land.

Game Features

At a quick glance the art style of Decline’s Drops automatically feels nostalgic for anyone who has played Yoshi’s Island in the past. It adds to the similarity of Yoshi’s Island by also having 6 wonderful worlds with 8 stages in each hand drawn world. The worlds are subtle representations of the world we live in.


Decline’s Drops is interesting because it is really focused on combat! Globule has many different moves that she uses from simple jabs to uppercuts but as you continue through the game she picks up special moves that will help her get through more challenging fights.

It doesn’t end there, to add more mayhem into this sweet little game, there will come moments where Globule is able to use an Arcimboldo tank. Not an incredible amount of information is given about the tank, but it seems like it will be able to plow through plenty of enemies.


As stated above, Decline’s Drops will provide 6 different worlds that will need exploration and passed in order to complete the game. A few of the worlds we know are:

  • Former Fields
  • Petroleum Port
  • Vanitas

Each world is a “jab” at what the world we live in. For example, Petroleum Port is a dark and gloomy world where the decline has caused the sea to become sticky and black. This would be similar to how our oceans are being polluted due to oil spills.


Eternal Corporation is behind most if not all of the calamity in Decline’s Drops. It is not sure if the corporation caused the decline or formed during the decline, but point is these are the bad guys. At the head of this corporation is, Cortupiro, the 6 headed hydra, which split its heads and gave each head a body to cause more mayhem!

One common enemy encountered in this beautiful indie game are the Frogmos. Frogmos have practically taken over the island and try to stop Globule whenever possible. Get comfy because these monsters are hostile and will come swinging!

Final Notes

Decline’s Drops will offer much more that has not been covered in this article. The creators will be giving out many different rewards based on the support given by fans. Check out their kickstarter page and read up on the rewards given out and what you should do before backing the project to acquire the rewards! Thank you to the creators of Decline’s Drops for providing content for this article!