Indie Game In Progress – Everafter Falls

Indie Game In Progress – Everafter Falls

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Created by the solo developer SquareHusky and Inspired by games like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, Everafter Falls is a new farm simulation game that implements new twists to these already iconic experiences. It has similar characteristics and features from previous iterations of this genre such as:

  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Combat
  • Crafting
  • Pets

But this game is building on these features and also adding many more for a new and uniquely enjoyable game. SquareHusky has created a cute and beautiful chibi-styled game that is planned to release sometime in 2022! This article will dive into some of the known features of Everafter Falls.


Everafter Falls has roughly 42 fruits and vegetables that will be added into its core game with the possibility of adding more in future updates. Each species of plant has been beautifully crafted with unique growth patterns. Similarly, each tree species has a unique structure and will provide varying amounts of fruit for the character to collect. SquareHusky has also added fruits and vegetables into this game that aren’t from planet Earth, like the wurple or the bluemato! There will be many different ways to increase your yield and its the players job to figure out how.

Mushrooms will have the potential to be harvested either in the wild or grown on the farm but only with the correct equipment. There seem to be roughly 18 different mushroom species that will be added into the core game, each with very beautiful and unique color patterns.

Although still in its infancy, Everafter Falls is planned to have between 5 and 8 different species of animals that can reside on the farm. Some of these animals may or may not be from this planet! So far the only animal that is confirmed to be in the game is the alpaca because who doesn’t dream to have a game with alpacas in it? Be sure to keep an eye out for more information on farm animals at Everafter Falls!


After undergoing some much needed repairs, the Aquarium at Everafter Falls is lacking fish in its exhibit. As the main character of this farm simulator the Aquarium looks to you to help catch and provide the fish for their exhibit! This side task is a collector’s dream with over 60 different species to catch. Collecting more and more fish will provide special rewards that your character may be able to use on his/her journey.


SquareHusky is trying to create a combat system that is more immersive and complex than other iterations of farm simulators. Everafter Falls will allow players to journey into dungeons and make battle with many different enemies. The player will be able to fight these enemies with their pets and even drones that are modified for combat!

Progression through the game will allow players to unlock items which will help make fighting with monsters in the dungeon easier, so planning a strategy before going head first into a dungeon is important!

The monsters will occasionally drop rare and unique items that players can use to boost farm production, increase stats during combat, overall aid in the adventure and much more! The items that are dropped will have random stats so dungeon diving may be an important way to make life on the farm as productive as possible!


As of now crafting will be pretty similar to other farming simulation games. Just like other farm simulators, there will be many different resources that will need to be collected in order to craft items and equipment. SquareHusky has created a very nice and easy UI to make the process of crafting easy to follow.


Pets are not an uncommon addition to farm simulators but the pets of Everafter Falls are by your side through thick and thin! When first acquired, they can help dig and water crops which helps cut down on the amount of tools the player needs. They can learn different skills, one in particular being teleportation which can be useful when you’re down to your last health and surrounded by enemies.

The thrill of having a companion does not stop there. Pets are not just used for farm tasks and getting you out of a sticky situation. They will also follow you into the dungeon depths and fight gruesome monsters by your side. Having a pet by your side may be the difference between defeating a duck thief monster or falling in battle.

Other Features

Everafter Falls will come jam packed with many more features. Some which can be found in other games but others that may be unique or at least refreshed. There are a few great features such as character and house customizations that we will not go into detail because they’re pretty self explanatory but there are many other fun and new ideas coming!


Drones are an integral part to the day to day activities of your farm. They will make farming much easier by watering plants. They will also assist you with fishing. A drone can acquire a boost to increase functionality by using drone parts. A drone will be able to be loaded with 3 different drone parts, so its important to pick the right ones for your needs.

Support drones are unique because they can be equipped by the player and be used as an extra weapon while battling through the dungeons and/or additional storage!

Character Progression

In order to grow as a character, your player will have to complete quests provided or go through special events. Once you pass these milestones in the game you will be presented with cards that offer different skill boosts. The player must choose one which will increase your stats or make life on the farm easier. Have you ever looked at your old Pokemon cards and thought, “These things have to be incredibly delicious?” Well, in Everafter Falls your character will eat the card in order to acquire the power from it.


The introduction of pixies is a very interesting concept. As the player, you will be able to catch pixies by inserting food or other edible items into a pixie shrine. There are a few different types of pixies that can be caught, depending on the food offered. Different pixies will complete different tasks. For example, blue pixies will harvest resources from rocks or wood without destroying the source. There is not a definite number of pixies available but there will be common and more rare ones.

Changing Seasons

A very cool feature in this game is the gradual change of seasons. Unlike many other farm simulators Everafter Fall’s flora will change colors, lose leaves, or begin leafing at different rates.

It is a fantastic way to show that the season will begin to change! It definitely give the game a bit more character and life.


Do you live with a friend, partner or family member(s) that love to play games? If so, Everafter Falls may be the right game for you. This game will provide split screen local co-op which adds a lot of fun for you and whoever you decide to play the game with!

Final Notes

Everafter Falls is a refreshing take on an already well established genre of games. It adds a unique art, story and soundtrack and also provides many features that make it stand out from older games. Be sure to check out SquareHusky’s kickstarter page here for more information and if the game hits the right spot, be sure to back up this great solo developer!