Indie Game In Progress – Fate A Psycho Horror Game

Indie Game In Progress – Fate A Psycho Horror Game

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Game MN Productions, a small indie studio, is currently working on Fate, a horror indie that will be full of puzzles, a constant eerie atmosphere, and plenty of those jump scares that everyone adores! This game was inspired by Visage and may have a few features that resemble it. Fate will be broken up into different chapters and each chapter will take roughly one to two hours to complete. Be sure to check out the developer’s kickstarter page here and follow along with this article for more details on the game.

Game Premise

If you have ever woken up and had no clue where you were or how you got there, then this game will relate to you! The only difference, once you begin exploring in Fate, weird things begin to happen around you. The rooms begin to suddenly change, different rooms begin appearing as if from thin air, and things become eerier, creepier with little sense in sight.

There comes a point where as the main character you start realizing why all of this happens. There is something watching you and they are the reason everything around you is changing the way it is. The real question is though, will you be able to escape this place and get away without knowing where you are?

Game Environemt

Looking at screenshots of this game, it shows that the developers are really putting a lot of time making the atmosphere incredibly creepy but at the same time very beautiful. So far there seems to be a few locations that will be available for exploration:

  • The Hospital
  • The Manor
  • A Forested Area with a train

When glancing at the locations, they all seem to have a different emotion and theme to them. The hospital looks abandoned and gross which gives the feeling of hopelessness. The manor has an opposite feeling, it feels more cozy and comfortable even though you know there is something wrong with the whole picture.

Final Notes

A little demo of chapter 1 is available to play on Give it a look if you have a moment. The game seems to be in its early development so to my knowledge we do not have a release date yet. If you want more info or to back the developer’s work, take a look at their kickstarter page here! Fate looks like it will be a very interesting indie game and I can’t wait to see how it develops. Also, check out for more indie game information!

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