Indie Game In Progress- INZANE

Indie Game In Progress- INZANE

Enter the world of INZANE, a two dimensional cinematic side scroller. It is currently being developed by dobbey, an independent game studio based in Germany. This atmospheric indie game is full of puzzles which players will have to solve to progress.

As the player in INZANE you are an experiment that is wandering through the world, trying to get away from yourself and others. Your imagination comes to life and as a result, bends the fabric of reality. The experiment will have to struggle through this very detailed world to hopefully find salvation. This article will focus on some amazing features and highlight some struggles your character will go through in INZANE.

Game Features


We will begin with the INZANE effect. This effect will grab hold of your main character who is going through mental instability. The experiment/main character will go through suffering and paranoia. As a result of this, he will search for a way to free himself from this pain. There will be moments in the game where the character becomes very disoriented and the world around him begin to change. In fact, this is the result of the INZANE effect!

Butterfly Effect

INZANE has something a little different in store for us which will build on the depth of the story. While playing through INZANE, players will come to a point where they have to decide on something using their gut. The game will warn players of a butterfly effect that is incoming!

You will not be able to undo a decision, just as in real life. Even small decisions will have the possibility of making an enormous impact throughout the game. For the purpose of warning you of an incoming butterfly effect, butterflies will fly around the character and, the more butterflies flying around, the more impactful the decision will be.


The environment in this indie game stands out like a sore thumb (in a good way)! The developers have created a two dimensional game but the environment feels like it is completely three dimensional! Doing this has created more depth in the world and gives INZANE a much more realistic feel to it.

INZANE Meadow Gameplay Image

The world around the player will also change based on different influences or by decisions made by the butterfly effect. We are curious how much influences will change the game environment!

Final Notes

INZANE seems like it will be a very beautiful game, with an interesting story and gorgeous environment. It is scheduled to be released in 2022 and expected to be released on steam and ported to Xbox, Switch and Playstation if the developer’s stretch goals are reached. With regards to stretch goals, if this game interests you and you would like more information on it, be sure to check out the developer’s kickstarter page here and please consider backing this project. Don’t forget to add this game into your steam wishlist here and lastly, please check out for more indie game news!