Indie Game In Progress – Macho: Beyond Reality

Indie Game In Progress – Macho: Beyond Reality

It is time for a new type of game to show how macho you really are. Dive into the world of Macho: Beyond Reality where you are thrown into a virtual reality arena to go head to head against other players. This game is being developed by Merriment Recreation Neighborly Oasis (MRNO) and is a 2D arena style fighter with guns, swords, fists and many other weapons. It is inspired by games such as Super Smash Bros., Marvel vs. Capcom and games in the FPS genre.

The story behind this game is simple but practical for its cause. Macho is an up and coming sport that is new to the citizens of Earth. What began as a small event soon blew up and swept the world. Macho was an interesting idea because it was exciting and engaging but not dangerous to the players. The creators of this VR game used new nerve technology to allow players to experience every moment of the fight without causing death to the player. Unfortunately, the pain inflicted during the game carried over to the real world which made Macho very controversial. The game continues to be hyped and adored because pain in the real world is non-existent during battle so many who were injured in traditional sports were drawn to Macho.

Game Features

Macho: Beyond Reality seems like it is going to be a very fast paced fighting game with many different fighters to choose from. Players will be able to choose different game modes, such as story, arcade, training and versus to help fighters hone their skills. Each character will start a battle with a signature weapon which can be swapped out during the fight. Don’t be afraid to go old school with some fists when you are in a pinch! There are a few more features we will go over in this article.


Macho is a game that is made to be enjoyed by both hardcore and casual players. Each character will be unique with different move sets to always keep the battle fresh. This game is being designed to not discourage amateur fighters from playing it. Battle it out with up to four different players in a handful of different arenas to see who comes out on top.

While playing through the game you will be able to collect different skins to make your character appeal to you and your play style. You will be able to battle it out with players from around the world to see who is the best and prestige to add more skills to your arsenal.


Because Macho is played in virtual reality, the locations that characters fight do not matter at all. This game is planned to have arenas with many different themes such as: a cyberpunk utopia, outer space, arctic tundra and more! Some arenas will be really basic like a martial arts temple but others will literally be out of this world! From what we have seen the arenas look beautiful and we hope to see more once the game is more developed.


There are many different characters in this game, each with their own move set and design. You can play as a Jackson Hatchet, a axe swinging lumberjack that can turn into an enormous bear on command. You can also play as Macho, the creator of this sport who has been looking for a challenger that can defeat him at his own game. There are many more characters coming to the world of Macho so be sure to keep any eye out for more!

Final Notes

Macho looks like it will be an exciting game for both pros and beginner players! If you find this game interesting really consider checking out the creator’s kickstarter page for more information and be sure to back the project! The game is expected to be released on steam and with the proper budget will hopefully be released on all other consoles!