Indie Game In Progress – Metal Tales: Overkill

Indie Game In Progress – Metal Tales: Overkill

Everyone enjoys playing a good action adventure game but throw in guitars that shoot and the game becomes much better! That’s something that is possible in Metal Tales: Overkill, an indie game being developed by Zerouno Games. Be sure to check out their kickstarter page here.

The story of Metal Tales begins with the God Kuk possessing every single guitar god. By doing so, the metalheads that worship these gods follow. Kuk is using concerts to wipe out metal bands and their amazing fans. The only thing preventing Kuk from ruining metal is you. It is your job to triumph over the metal gods and possibly become the top metal god! Besides the story, this article will go over some of Metal Tale’s features!


Metal Tales: Overkill is a gorgeous 3D roguelike shooter that will keep you at the edge of your seat with its randomly generated levels. This indie will provide three different environments with six levels to keep the fun alive. Jam through this game alone or with a buddy through local co-op!


Plan out a tactic before diving head first to take on 15 different enemies with unique behaviors. This indie game provides some unique enemies such as the beer thrower, screamer and mosher. These enemies will pop up in different areas and it is your job to destroy them and turn them into ash!

As the main character, you will also have to go head to head with eight guitar bosses to crown yourself the ultimate metal god!

Characters & Items

Choose between being four different playable characters such as: Axel, Abigail, Lady or Biker. Each character has its own band related theme and you get to choose which one you identify with the most!

There will be over 50 items to help you get through Metal Tales. You will be able to give your characters a boost by providing them with new guitars, pedals, amps, and more! Combine your instrument with a fancy amp to make combat a whole new experience!


The soundtrack of this game is something of legends. The developers of Metal Tales: Overkill have worked with metal bands around the globe to provide some unique tunes that anyone can jam to while playing through the game. It’s almost certain you’ll find a new song while blasting your way to the top.

Metal Tales Overkill Band Names

Final Notes

If you are interested in this indie title, be sure to check out the developer’s kickstarter page here. Also, don’t forget to back this project up to continue to see the development grow! This game is expected to release on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam with a potential release date of April 2021! Lastly, please take a look at to see more indie games that are currently in development!