Indie Game In Progress – Neonverse Defenders

Indie Game In Progress – Neonverse Defenders

A retro-futuristic tower defense game is being developed by Sephyk, a developer from France. A commander in the Neonverse, it is your job to defend the world from the Pales. The art style of Neonverse Defenders gives off a strong Tron vibe but this game stands out because it brings a three dimensional plane into the usual flat surfaced Tower Defense genre. This article will go into more detail about that and share some other features Neonverse Defenders has to offer.


As stated above, this indie game is bringing a different perspective to tower defense games. Sephyk is creating battlegrounds with loops, twists, change in elevation and more. This creates a different kind of challenge for players. Tower’s capabilities are limited depending on their location, objects/barriers around them, and also the topography in the area. As a result, tower placement will be incredibly important and what may separate you from a sweet victory or failure.

The developer is creating the possibility for customization of your game. If you like one map over another, you can play that map as much as your heart desires. Also, there will be different game modes such as infinite mode to see how long you can last. More options will be available once the game is released. We are only reporting on what we know.

Experience & Talent Tree

Neonverse Defenders will allow players to improve their defenses with experience points through a talent tree. This adds a great deal of play style and strategy. Upgraded towers will allow prioritization of two different targets. However, it’s the players job to define which enemies to prioritize to maximize strategy.

Story & Gameplay Footage

In this 80’s styled indie game, you are the Commander defending his world against the Pales. An operator named Ludia provides operational support throughout battles. The developer is very vague with much of the story because they are trying to keep it a mystery. However, we know that you can unlock an ancient mystery in Neonverse Defenders.

Neonverse Defenders Tower Defense

Gameplay images were provided showing the insanity of some of the levels. We are excited to see and experience the difficulties of this game!

Final Notes

Check out the developer’s kickstarter page here for more information on this game. Don’t hesitate to back and support this project if it interests you. This indie is a beautiful addition to the tower defense genre. Lastly, take a look at for more information on new and upcoming indie titles!