Indie Game In Progress- Never Alone

Indie Game In Progress- Never Alone

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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and felt like someone or something is watching you? Luckily, after the feeling passes we simply go back to bed, but that’s not the case for the child in Never Alone, an indie game being put together by Lagy Games.

Game Story & Features

In this game, you are a child that was given a teddy bear to comfort you at night but this bear is everything but a comfort toy. As the child, you have to survive the night and each night becomes harder and harder to survive partly because this teddy bear duplicates itself but also because as the main character you have to complete timed challenges before the night ends. Each night provides a new enemy the main character has to overcome. Will you be able to find out why these toys are coming to life?

Never Alone is an eerie survival game that puts together an ominously dark setting, hair raising music and creepy monsters. The art style of this game seems to be similar to Minecraft, which looks like pixel art in a 3D world. The music of Never Alone reminds me of tunes one would hear at a circus with a creepy twist. It is very fitting for the game.

The gameplay is pretty simple. As a child all you have is a flashlight and you have to survive the night while also completing missions before the night ends. Everything is normal throughout the day but once night comes again the horrors start as well with more challenge than the previous night.

Final Notes

Never Alone seems like it has quite a bit of potential. Check out Lagy Game’s kickstarter here and if the game interests you please consider backing this spooky little video game.

Thank you to the creator of Never Alone for providing images to showcase the game.

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