Indie Game In Progress – Noch

Indie Game In Progress – Noch

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Noch is an upcoming indie game being built by Fair Games Studio that is planned to be released January 7, 2021. A demo can be currently played on Steam here. This game is a single player and/or co-op horror FPS that puts you into a world where as the main character, you must find a girl that has destroyed the world!

Setting & Atmosphere

Noch is set in an apocalyptical world that is dark and dreary but at the same time seems so vibrant. The color scheme chosen for this game gives it so much life while simultaneously, everything happening around the main character(s) seems evil and full of despair.

Noch starts off with the player driving a car listening to the radio but quickly escalates into more. Many questions arose right from the beginning of playing through the demo and things began to slowly be explained with the demo.

Game Components

As stated above, Noch is a horror game but it also mixes adventure and puzzles! The premise of the game is simple, find Lisa, the girl who destroyed the world! Little snippets of what is going on in the world are fed to the character throughout the game. The game does not slowly acclimate the player into the world, the horror comes out right in the beginning.

The story of Noch is very interesting and the style of story telling makes this game really stand out and feel like an adventure. Finding Lisa but also trying to figure out what is happening in this world makes is quite a experience!

The game introduces puzzles right from the gates. Without trying to give out too many spoilers, the player has to find items and use the found items to solve puzzles like extracting keys from a sewer drain and then using those keys to open something that is locked. It’s a pretty fun way to keep the player engaged!


Noch’s character movement is very fluid and the controls are pretty standard for most first person styled games. Fighting sequences took a second to figure out but once I realized that the character can dodge it became much easier.

The demo gave a little taste of what is in store in Noch and I am excited to see where it goes once it is released! The game seems to be pretty promising but check out the demo to get a feel for it!

Final Notes

If you are interested in Noch and want more information on it or want to support the creators please check their kickstarter page here! Also be sure to check out the demo on steam! Lastly, a quick thank you to Fair Games Studio for providing a few images to use for this article!

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