Indie Game In Progress – Overbuilt

Indie Game In Progress – Overbuilt

Everyone has had a job with a boss that never stops giving you things to do. That chaotic work environment is coming back in Overbuilt, where you will have a boss that takes thrill in taking on the craziest projects! You and your team are put to the test in building skyscrapers, beautiful resorts, temples and more in this indie game. The game is currently being made and expected to have some interesting features which will be discussed in this article.

Game Features

In the main campaign of Overbuilt the player will be sent around the world to put together different buildings in different locations around the world that will be available on the game’s release which are:

  • New York
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Kenya
  • Brasil

Three more locations are currently being worked designed. The first being Egypt, which will be available to players who pre-order the game through kickstarter or through early access. Transylvania and the Arctic will be available for free sometime after the game launches.

Like any construction project there are deadlines and they have to be met. The goal of Overbuilt is to build, build, build! Coordinate with other players and position your tools to make construction and movement as efficient and easy as possible. Projects will become increasingly more difficult so strategizing will be a must in this indie game!

Overbuilt will be available to be played split screen with friends or online. Use split screen or online co-op to your advantage by working together to get the job done or compete with one another to see who is the best construction worker in all the lands!

This indie game will have an assortment of tools handy to help finish enormous projects all around the world. Furnaces will be available to bake sand and to create glass, cement mixers will be used for making different quality cement, finish up construction on the roof with the roof builder and much more will be available!

Final Notes

Overbuilt is expected to be released around Fall of 2021. If this game interests you, be sure to check out the creator’s kickstarter page here and back this project up! On the kickstarter page, a demo is available to download! We are excited to see how this couch co-op builder will grow! Please consider taking a look at our blog page that displays some upcoming indie games here!